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It was part of a TV programme to select the Finnish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. Marko Maunuksela singing Synkän maan tango, or Tango of the Land of Melancholy. It was posted by Rokaile95, who has posted a lot of other stuff that seems to have originated on Finnish TV. Definitely not pornographic or violent, and if it infringes copyright, why should it be viewable in one EU country and not in another? Other Youtubers have uploaded the same thing. Try this, posted by ESC2011Germany:


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Re: Marko Maunuksela "Synkän maan tango"

.. why should it be viewable in one EU country and not in another?
..maybe the lawyers of the national media companies only check the posters of their own country.
The version posted by ESC2011Germany works. Interesting song, and a good piece for an international or finnish tanda.

..would never have thought that was a tango...
It´s no canonic argentine tango, but the constant slow marching in 4/4 signature is characteric for any tango. Some passages reminded me a little bit of Ewan McGregor´s "Roxanne" from the "Moulin Rouge" OST.


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I have a wider understanding of tango...

Tango Andaluz
Tango Congo
Tango Mezclado
Tango Folcloristico
Vaudeville Tango

Also Grabriel´s "Book of Love" is a Tango for me

Don´t let Argentines define, what Tango is ! You see, I differentiate between Tango and Tango argentino.

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