Worst Movie You Have Ever Seen

No Country for Old Men, that supposed Oscar winner with Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, & Javier Bardem. The plot moved so slowly, and I kept waiting for it to get exciting...except it never did. And then it just ended. Poo. :(


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I fell asleep several times during No Country for Old Men. But for me, the worst move ever award still goes to Red Dawn.
Speed Racer .... what a disappointment.

I so look forward to this movie, especially since I loved the cartoon.

I mean the surpassed my expectations with transformers, why did they not do the same with speed racer. blah!


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The worst movie I have seen all the way through is "Kingpin." I hate Farrelly Brothers type movies, but I was at someone else's beach house and it was raining. We got movies and my husband's childhood friend's husband picked this one. So very, very dumb. I could feel brain cells sluicing away as I watched it.

One movie that I hated so much that I turned it off after about 20 minutes was "Comfort of Strangers." It had everything going for it: based on novel by Ian McEwan, screenplay by Harold Pinter, stars included Natasha Richardson, Rupert Everett, Christopher Walken. And yet...HORRIBLE! ICK!
Really? This is one of my faves...although it does seem to be a pretty polarizing film. People either love it or hate it.

Some more of the worst I've ever seen...
Event Horizon - Larry Fishburne vs. a black hole that leads into hell. Should have seen this one coming from a mile away!
Prom Night - was forced to pay to see this in the theater with my most recent ex. His choice in movies should have been an indicator as to how he would be in a relationship :mad:
Prelude to a Kiss - weird, just plain weird.
Eyes Wide Shut - ditto to above comment. And slow.
Gigli - more proof that J.Lo and Ben Affleck CAN'T ACT FOR BEANS.
Glitter - Mariah Carey, right in the thick of her nervous breakdown...I felt bad for her.
From Justin to Kelly - Idol winners should only be allowed to sing.
Say It Isn't So - incest is just icky...not funny.
yes but with Nacho Libre you GO IN knowing what you are getting.

Burn After Reading:
Brad Pitt
Frances McDormand
Richard Jenkins
John Malkovich
Tilda Swinton
George Clooney

hustleNflow your friend was right!
I was looking forward to this movie because of the actors. Is it at least DVD rental worthy?

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I was looking forward to this movie because of the actors. Is it at least DVD rental worthy?
No, completely pointless. I turned to my friend last night half way through and said "I have NO idea what is going on!" We sat stunned at the end, that was no ending. I said "What? Did it just end?". Maybe it will turn into one of those random cult classics like Blue Velvet or something. But I doubt it.

I can see the point of actors like Clooney and Pitt wanting some goof-off time, trying out to flesh out some odd ball characters... just doing something different, I get it really. But it is still a stupid movie.

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