Worst Movie You Have Ever Seen


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Blue Velvet (Great actors but HORRIBLE and disturbing)
Never saw it, but did see his "Mulholland Drive".

Very disturbing. But loved Dolores del Rio's a capella "Llorando" (Orbison's "Crying" in Spanish).

Legally Blonde II (thankfully missed 1)
LB 1 was much better. LB2 just disintegrated into pure "chick" (and not in a good way, either).

In a dance class, my partner mentioned "bend and snap". I started to laugh uncontrollably, completely embarassed that I would know what she was referring to.

Sideways (and the point was--?)
It needed a point? Pinot noir!


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"Stop or my Mom will shoot", it was painful, I got free tickets and at that time (90's) I took my mother, we got up and walk toward the end, it was embarrassing.
But any with Sylvester Stallone is awful, I must be the only person that has never seen a rocky movie!

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