Would appreciate club suggestions for Rome, Paris and Amsterdam

I have searched these threads previously for this info but the problem is 1) much of the info is not current ....more than a year old...and many clubs as we all know close down or change their nights for salsa; 2) some of the websites I was referred to look "commercial", and while they provide a list of salsa clubs, I don't know if they are latin clubs where people just go to get drunk and aren't there to dance or if they ARE clubs for "dancers" and 3) many of the other threads on this topic directed me to websites in other languages (which I can't understand well enough).

So...is there anybody here with current, first-hand knowledge of places for NY-style/Puerto Rican style salsa in Rome, Paris or Amsterdam...? I will be there over the next few weeks.

So far all I was able to find that looked somewhat current/reliable was "La Pachanga" in Paris on Saturday and Monday nights. Also Viejoteca au Cafe de Cuba on Saturdays in Paris. But I've no way of knowing if the info is current, and if they are truly places for "Dancers".

Thank you!!!
Oh, and if anybody can recommend any places, do you even know if they'll be running this time of year?(I know many places in Europe shut down this time of year.) I fear I may not be able to get my salsa on at all during this trip! :-(

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