Would THIS Dance Forums T-Shirt be cool?


I've often wondered why the apparel that's sold on Cafe Press has a different logo than does the web site. The marketing communications professional in me wants consistency of image.

So, I'm glad to see that you're investigating a new t-shirt with the web version of the logo.

I agree, however, with Señor Quioxte that the web logo does not look its best on the black t-shirt.

I would recommend (as someone else said) going with a smaller, left chest logo and just the URL underneath, without any other slogan. I'd also recommend a shirt of a color that better complements the colors in the logo. Perhaps something like this:

I make no recommendation as to the style of the shirt. I assume that once you decide on a design, Cafe Press can make it available on a number of different garments, including the "Hooters-style" scoop-neck that some of the ladies have requested. ;)

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I think there could be a great top-ten list culled from the True/False, Phrase-add-a-Phrase, and soap opera thread....
Hey, thats a great idea. Why not a book: 'The Naked DF': ever wonder that dancers do when they can't move? We could have chapters on brilliancies, oddities and funnies culled from the various threads (yes, I know, I could probably fill the second chapter by myself).

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