would you date or marry someone who is not a dancer?


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Svet T. said:
My husband was an athlete, and blessed with two left feet. :lol: I do not mind. At least he tries whenever we are required to dance. We just modify the steps and just concentrate on being together. :wink:
Being together is what counts in your situation. I am in complete agreement Svet T. :)


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I've gone back and forth on this for the last couple of years as my interest in salsa has grown. Throughout most of this time I have been on and off dating a non-dancer(currently off). Granted she was interested in learning but her interest did not match(or even come close to) mine.
It became quite a difficult situation at times and I don't think it is something I would want to handle again. In most cases I think dating a non-dancer would eventually lead to the end of my social dancing.
Salsa is something that I am not prepared to give up, so until such time as I think that I would be ready to give up salsa I do not think I can (seriously) date a non-dancer. Of course for fun I can date non-dancers, but they would have to realize that it could not be serious for my heart beats clave.


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Vin said:
tsb said:
Vin said:
my heart beats clave.
you might want to consider a pacemaker.
This would imply that the heart beat is a problem.
it does have certain implications for your health in terms of getting oxygen to the parts of the body that need it. i have (fortunately not had) a friend with an irregular heartbeat. his life literally hung in the balance & he had surgery the same day his health insurance kicked in & he had his pacemaker installed.


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Dancegal said:
tsb said:
2) if i hear you correctly, dancing for you would become more a "date" night. i think it would for me also.
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Yes, you heard right - for now, I dance with many but I would not mind staying with one partner in the future (one with rhythm, I hope!).
i should probably start a new topic but i'm just too lazy.

recent experiences prompt me to ask how most women feel about this, that is, in a social dance environment, what percentage would be happy dancing strictly with a regular partner all night vs. following what i consider social dance etiquette, 1 dance at a time with each person, maybe 2 at most in a row, staying primarily within your own dance experience level, etc.

this is probably geared more towards women who dance ballroom as you have the chance to be dancing something different with the same person vs. doing salsa/lindy/whatever all night; i know i'd get bored dancing with the same person if it were the same dance even if the songs were different. but then that's possibly a guy's perspective there...
:lol: This has GOT to be the most reserrected thread on DF....!

My little update on that, now that I've newly become no longer single (for nearly 7 mths): we go dancing a lot less now, and I go dancing alone maybe 2-4 times a mth, feeling less of a need to dance all night, but more to catch up with friends & enjoy the music.

When we go together, we mainly stay dancing together, unless we are with a group (some in the group might be intimidated to actively ask others, so we dance with them).

I will still do my rounds of social duty, and dance with my favourites, no more than two songs in a row.

If he is dancing with his favourites, then I might do more with mine :D !

Most of the time though, when we do go dancing, we end up coming home early, or go eating with friends.....

My body is definitely adjusting to the change in pattern (from 5 nights of hardcore salsa to this :roll: ). Sometimes I think my body is thanking me, sometimes not :? ..........

Solution...? We 've joined the gym last night 8) .
Hey- lets not get off track. I just found this thread and I want to answer the original question. I personally would not date or marry a dancer. That is just my personality. I need something that is mine and that something is dance. I want my significant other to learn about it and understand it but to let me enjoy it and have that be mine. In my current relationship, my sweetie is a baseball fanatic and when we first met neither of us knew anything about the other's main interest but that has been one of the most fun things, to learn about them with each other and come to enjoy supporting each other in them. I love going to his games and going to professional games with him. He comes and watches me dance, video tapes it or takes pictures. I love that he doesn't feel like in order for me to like him, he has to addopt that and vice versus for me. It is great. Besides, as I grow older the more I seek a balance in my life and I am finding that dance is having to take a smaller role.


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I was wondering when someone would have a different take on it. Good for you, Tia. And you're lucky that you have someone who doesn't give you grief over "putting your arms around another man." Ugh.

In actuality, if I wasn't married to my husband (a non-dancer), I'd probably go the same route. I can see where having a spouse as a dance partner could get sticky, especially if you do competitive dancing. Just one more issue to argue over.
Here, I go again on this subject.
I'm not dating anyone at present so trial and error
time has been halted for me and
I still don't have the answer to this question yet.
I am stumped.
I don't know.
Sometimes I don't think I'd want my significant other to be involved in dancing and other times I think I couldn't have it any other way.
There are advantages and disadvantages to both and you have to be prepared to ROLL WITH IT in whichever way you choose to go.

Ideally, I would prefer to date a person who can dance but I'd prefer someone who is not into it as much as I am because the issue comes down to trust.
I like to dance with lots of other people without grief and he WOULD be able to trust ME without a doubt. However I don't know if I'd be able to trust the SO (I said, SO not SOB).

I need to have the freedom and peace of mind not to have to be concerned with that stuff when I go out dancing. I want to have a good time. Tia, you echo my thoughts. I'd like to have dancing as mine own thing too.
Now if I could just clone myself so I'd have time for his separate hobbies as well.

Hey, I like hearing you guy's experiences with this though. It helps to discuss. :D
I can't imagine having my dance partner as my life partner - just too much

but on the other hand I would want my life partner to at least be able to dance the occasional social dance with me


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To me it would be a person who can enjoy some dancing with me. If teh person is as much into dance that is fine with me but they must let be promiscuous in my choice of damec partners - as many as I want to in a night.
Just out of interest: did those of you who have recently joined this discussion actually go through 17 pages :shock: of previous discussions.....?

I'm :notworth: if you did.....!

(btw there were some really interesting stories/experiences there anyway, so it's definitely worth your while if this topic interests you 8) )


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I read it as it evolves, but heaven only knows I've probably forgotten the good stuff. This thread's been going more than a year, I think, and my brain just doesn't retain anything for that long. :roll: :lol:

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