Would you do it?


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Suppose you are not really into swing, but are planning to get back into it sometime in the future...you hear that Bill Borgida is going to be offering a 4/5 week technique class for ALL LEVELS starting in October on a night that you usually are free.

Would you do it or not? Why?


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I know it is Bill Borgida. But, still!! To test the waters I went to the community dance tonight and I can see some swing things that I like in lindy and WCS.
Actually, no. I have several reasons. First, I wasn't impressed with his dancing. Second, I haven't heard the best things about his teaching or his attitude. Third, some relative new person in out scene credits Bill Borgida for much of his lindy dance knowledge. However, I've heard too many complaints about his lead (our newbie and Bill's lead also). So, based on the feedback I have received, I would probably put my money elsewhere.
I did take Bill's class at Herrang last month, so I believe my knowledge is fairly up to date. It was a 4 part connection class that was open to all levels. I found it extremely useful and I know many people found it this way as well. He focused very specifically on lead follow technique. Ways to improve connection in using specifice muscles to lead, posture, alighnment and also strategies and what not. Bill does prescribe to certain rules in his dancing, whether you agree with them or not is your call, but after a month, I have started adapting many of the things he taught, ie the way you open up at certain counts in the swingout, the way you position your arm, the way you have hand contact with your follow. After practice and some thought, they did make a lot of sense to me. Most people I talked to who took the class found it useful, this included many advanced dancers as well.

So, it depends whether you think this stuff is important, outside of Paul And Sharon, Bill appears to be one of the few lindy teachers who really focus on the minutae (and I mean that) of partner connection. Other classes focused on compression, topics for follows on how to react to a lead, etc. etc.

So based on my recent experience I would recommend it. And even if you disagree with his teachings, they will make you think about what you're doing. Some people thought his was one of the better classes at the camp, and there was many arguments about his techniques both pro and con so he definitely generated discussions

As for his personality, he can be a little direct and harsh at times but I found him to be a knowledgable teacher.

PM me if you have any other questions.



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So I have this attitude that says I take classes from any and all available instructors of the generation represented by Borgida, Steven Mitchell, the Stevens Sisters, Sylvia Sykes, a whole collection of Swedes, etc., etc., etc. The point here for me is (recent) history. Irrespective of their dancing & teaching relative to how I want to dance, they were part of this stuff back in the day the Lindy revival was young blah blah blah..

I could drone on about this for hours, so I'll shut up instead.
I did enjoy Paul and Sharon's workshops in Denver. It did get a tad boring, since they did delve into minute details. I wish there was a more equitable balance. What I found interesting is that the technique they spoke of, I've already heard about and experienced through west coast swing.

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