Wow, I'm responsible for all of them!

Tuesday after our regular class we went out to celebrate the birthdays of two of my ex-students-now-friends. It was my expectation that the 18(!) of us were just going out for drinks, but it turns out that the place we went to had a live dixieland band. Not great for what I teach, but some of the songs worked OK.

After about an hour, I was standing next to a student/friend watching the dance floor. All five of the couples dancing have been in my classes for several months. (There were two other couples dancing at times, but they were mostly non-contact freestyle dancing.) I mentioned to my friend that I was responsible for all of the people dancing at that time! Me! I did that!

Later (after I left) one of the waitresses (who knew a couple of my students) told them that we were the talk of the whole place, that everyone thought that they were all great dancers. When I heard that, I could hardly stand it.

Not only am I responsible for helping other people to share the joy of dance with their partners, but they then shared that joy with people who were listening to the band and watching them! Me! I did that!

That's why I teach dance. To bring joy to the world.

Spitfire said:
What would we be without people such as you Kevin? :cheers:
We would still be good people, just not as many of us could dance...

Oh, I got another bit of shocking news the other day. It turns out that I'm a supporter of the Arts, which is something I never really thought about before. Anyway, here's what happened:

I'm producing a cable access tv show: "Care to Dance?", to teach beginners to dance, and I've invited other local teachers in to teach their specialities. I sent the latest copy off to one of the cable access stations and I got an email back letting me know when it would be broadcast. The guy wrote "It's really nice to get Arts programming produced in Vermont."

I produce Arts programming. Who knew?


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