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Ooooh --- africana and alemana hitting the club together. Now that must have been a sight to behold :cool:

Twilight_Elena said:
It's so cool to meet dancers RT through DF!
Yup :).

I'll be in Athens in September by the way -- probably for a day (night, actually -- to look for my salsa fix after 2 weeks' island hopping :roll:). A possibility, T_E? ;)
Big10 said:
I think the move is technically called/spelled "tornillo." I found one picture of the seated version of the move at the following page:

w w w .

The move was also done by Chayenne & Vanessa Williams near the end of the movie Dance with Me. A couple of my friends are great at it, but personally I have trouble doing both the seated and the standing versions of the move, either because of my balance or my shoes. :( It's too bad that I missed seeing the boriken/africana version of it....
I think you're right Big10, "El tornillo". someone told me the name in a loud club so you can imagine how I got the spelling of the move wrong, especially since she's American hahaa! Yes I love Chayanne's version of it (oh boy that man :oops: )

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