Wow...we got our own forum :)

This is exciting. I didn't know there was that much talk about Country Western dancing on here.

My partner and I are in the midst of gearing up for a very busy fall competitive season. I can't believe how fast the year is flying by. Seems like there is never enough time to prepare.



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Glad you like the addition AnnieMarie! :D

You should know that Vince has been championing the cause mightily and, as you can see, there actually has been a fair ammount of C&W talk already going on here in the DF. Anyway, best of luck in your competitions and I hope you enjoy your new "toy"! :D
Hi Everyone.. allow me to introduce myself.. I'm Ron.. I'm in Southfield.. Ann and I have been dancing for quite a few years together but only in the past year did we start to get pretty serious about it. Most of the time when we're working.. Ann and I constantly remind each other of technique and other areas of improvement that we're working on.. usually.. my response to her when she reminds me.. is "Workin On It" hence.. my nickname. We've worked really hard this past year and now things are heating up and our training and practices are getting more indpeth and more intense. It's not uncommon for us to work at least 4 hours in a given night on everything.

We both have Pros and work with each other.. so as you can see.. we've constantly got something to work on. I'm always putting up a reminder that we need a break so usually every other Sat night.. we do something else outside of dance.. Yes, I know.. it's hell to miss a night of dance but it can also save from burnout.

Ann works with Albert and I work with Deby. Then we work with each other. Combined.. that's a lotta dances for us to work on.

Albert pushes us very hard to get the absolute best out of us since he knows we personally won't settle for anything else anyway. Then we push each other.. and yes.. we're always looking out for each other in the process :wink:

I've been contributing to the world of C/W for a long time in many ways.. from Discussion groups to email lists and beyond.. currently working on a special website.

well.. it's nice to meet you all..
Ron (aka) WorkinOnIt


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Great to meet you too Workinonit. I'm a latin dancer who is learning AT and does a little sydeco and ballroom as well. I'm a generalist and would love to try out country one of these days. We'll see. :)


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I already posted a welcome in another thread (the injury one), but thanks for the introduction. Nice to "meet" you! :D

Sounds like you two have your plates full, but in the best of possible ways. Good luck as you forge ahead (albeit after she finishes healing! :wink: ) and looking forward to "seeing" you around the DF! :D


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Welcome WorkinOnIt. :D

It's so nice to have you here. I can think of tons of older threads that might interest you, but I won't bombard you with suggestions. I'll give you a day or two to get settled, first. In the meanwhile, welcome. 8)
I would like to say welcome to my dance partner Ron. Who puts up with my stubborness on a regular basis.

Thanks for all the hard work and practice you put in. You rock Ron :) Just in case I don't say that much.

Thanks & Info

SDsalsaguy.. yes we definately have our plates full and then some. Once we're both back to dancing.. we have a few new dances to work on that will take lots of extra time to get ready for Chicago.

pygmalion .. thanks for the offer.. feel free to shoot any info or links my way you want. I'm good with PCs.. it's what I do for a living. and I'm one heck of a google searcher.. if it can be done with a pc.. you get the rest.. the only thing I can't do so far is make mine dance.. though it "sings" quite often. You know PCs.. they "whine".. mine "Whines" when it doesn't get it's dose of dance topic action.. :D which is why I have so many things going on in the dance world.

If any of you ever want to check out what's happenin here in the Detroit Metro area.. a couple good sites to check out..
1. Diamondback Saloon.. where Ann and I dance and basically live.. ..
2. .. I run this and Ann helps me.

Just thought I'd let ya know what I do and what we're involved in. Thought I'd share. Hope ya'll don't mind.
Thanks for the kind welcome Ann. Thanks for your hard work as well. I put up with her stubborness and she puts up with my "need to understand" some times rather than just doing. As Albert would say.. "forget what's in you mind.. stop thinking about it.. just do it.. put it into your body and let your body talk and move."

Vince A

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Welcome . . . you've been talked about quite a bit . . . I feel that I know you. Guess you'll have to get those Wranglers now, eh?

Keep up the work . . . hope to meet you at a comp one of these days . . .

Welcome . . . you've been talked about quite a bit . . . I feel that I know you. Guess you'll have to get those Wranglers now, eh?

Keep up the work . . . hope to meet you at a comp one of these days . . .

Hey Thanks Vince.. hmm.. wow... Ann talks about me? all good I hope? She's a true friend and an awesome dance partner.. almost can't believe we found each other .. Though you make me curious.. <grin> ya.. I'll take Ann with me to her fav western store and check'em out.. or better yet.. hehe.. pull a fast one and go gett'em otherwise I'll lose her in the clothes <g>. Thanks for the good word. Sure.. we like to meet people most comps are a blast.


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