Can I just tell you how much I love danceshopper......

I, of course, am waiting until the last moments to finish 2 dresss for my next comp. (Yes, 2! That I need for Thurdays.) I ran out of Crustal ABs and ordered more from danceshopper. I had order from them earlier, got the free shipping, and received them 3 days later. Which is really good.

Here comes the best part! I ordered more Crystal Abs and was debating over the free shipping which takes 3-5 days or faster shipping. Well 3 days would be okay, but 5 would be cutting it too close, so I decided to do the 2-3 day shipping.

I ordered them on Wednesday and got them Thursday!!!!! WOO-HOO!!!! Happy Dance!! :bouncy::notworth::bouncy::rocker:

P.S. You know those little bouncy smiley faces are exactly how I feel about now. Exstatic and just a little crazy with preparations.

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