Writers Strike and how it affects your shows

I'm only home Monday and Tuesday nights for DWTS. Otherwise, I'm not really watching any of them right now. I try to watch Brothers and Sisters when I get a chance, but that's barely ever since I usually have to work on Sundays.


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Doesn't look as bad as I thought, although Heroes isn't listed.
Heroes: Origins got scrapped when the strike began to look more and more like a possibility. I guess we'll have to be content (not!) with season 2 ending next month. :|


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Not that "Ellen" is a favorite for me, but she seems to be moving along full speed now with things like a game this morning where the contestant could win a brand new washer and dryer, along with a number of other appliance prizes. When the contestant won, then there was the option to either take the prizes offered today or come back tomorrow and play again for more. :lol:


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I read that Lost will air the 8 episodes that are already in the can. According to the writers, ep. 8 ends on a cliffhanger that could end the season if they have to do that...
I am pissed! We had to wait for so long (til February!) for new episodes and now we won't even get the promised 16...

I wonder if that means they'll go past 2010 as they announced at the end of last season...

Sucks about Heroes and Deperate Housewives too - all are "my shows" that get TiVo-ed because I am never home to watch them live...

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