Gabe and Angel's tap / character duo "Where Did You Learn To Dance?" is now up on their website for viewing. Just click on "Videos" on the homepage.

It is from the Gene Kelly era. Hope you enjoy.

It is their performance from National Finals in Vegas a couple of weeks ago.
pygmalion said:
Oh cool. I've only checked out the forums page over there. Didn't know you had videos online. Will check it out. :D :car:
Both kids America's Most Talented Kids performance videos are there as well and their three solos will be added very soon. There is also a photo gallery with 8 or so albums, two of which are from Vegas Finals.
Another video is up on the site....Angel's tap solo to "Miss Otis Regrets."
Just click on the video button on the homepage. Gabe's will be up soon along with a few group dances.
Two more videos have been added to this site. "Close To The Fire" which is a jazz group that Angel was in last season, and "The Shady Stomp" which is a tap duo that Gabe and his tap teacher, Megan and he performed and choreographed together.
DancingMommy said:
I absolutley LOVE the choice of music and choreography. The kids just SHINE SHINE SHINE!
Thanks! They have a lot of fun.
There is now a new album in the gallery. "Photo shoot 2005." It was mostly a photo shoot for Gabe but Angel had a few taken as well.

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