Yale Ballroom Competition: November 15, 2008

But I do hope you still come! There are 6 couples registered for Champ Standard right now, and there are a few more days to register if you can convince any others to come!
I feel really bad but think we will scratch.. need to go somewhere where we can dance rounds full out for Ohio :(
Oh no! :-(

I see at least two prechamp couples who are eligible to double-register for prechamp/champ...maybe we could convince them and boost the numbers to 8!

I hope you change your mind! We really need the support of the open-level dancers. I'm afraid that if you scratch, it may cause a domino effect and we'll be left with a tiny final...and then next year when dancers look at last year's registration levels, they will be discouraged to register, and we'll be stuck in a trap where nobody wants to register because nobody else is registered!


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I wont de register so it still looks like more people :)

Just feel we need to get ready for Ohio and rounds somewhere in a big space will be better for us. was hoping it will brow maybe from last year but its a lot smaller this year: :(
We got ourselves deleted from champ accidentally, but we still plan to do both pre-champ and champ. Partner should register us back on shortly...
Sorry for confusion...

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