yesterday's activities


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doing today now...

sunday: wake leisurely and hang out in bed for as long as we like... ham and eggs for no particular order: clean kitchen, change bedding and put away laundry, clean litter boxes, pay bills, facetime with grandbaby, try to get to bottom of internet connectivity issues, finish taking tree down and consequent clean up, practice...have a few things I need to do online but our data plan is running low and so that will have to wait....also made a really awesome dinner: goat cheese, pear and beet salad, stir fry curried orange chicken, sweet potatoes, peppers and cauliflower, and garlic naan....and a nice theological chat with dh...probably cuddle up as he watches a game later


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Work, dance practice (where things were less than stellar, but some good work was nonetheless accomplished), gym (where I squatted 6x5 at 42kg like a boss, but had to break the 30 push-ups into 4 sets... but at least they were all "real" push ups!).

That was the sum total of my accomplishments yesterday. Seriously. "Dinner" was PB and banana toast with herbal tea, and I didn't even manage to do my dishes.


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monday: 90 minute killer to lessons....4 lessons...make some calls and do some charting for work...pour a margarita or two on surf and out
tues: 4 more home while noticing rumbly tummy...see a patient with a very complicated situation...head for home and starting to feel a whole bunch more like a gastrointestinal day of reckoning is looming....
wed; feeling sore not sure if it is due to workout and lessons or flu b/c also still feeling a bit quesey...teach a low key toning class.......sit through hours of meetings....mistakenly think I can for it the rest of the night and pick up a few more flu-like symptoms....


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Zumba, then prepared for massive amounts of rain and several storms to hit.
Circuit trainer contact....scheduled. So happy I can do this now.
LESSONS - yes! Surprised Pro with return to smooth Waltz and adding ChaCha in the last 15 minutes. Need to build up stamina but no rib cage battles going on....looking forward to more.
DD positions opening up she's applying for through her charter school where she teaches...yea!
Other DD(Oregon) - informs me GREAT NEWS "M (our granddaughter), has enough credits to graduate as a junior, early," ...GAG, GASP, WHAT??? OH MY!!!! (ok, don't let her know that-by the way she's a straight A student and very involved in her school) "with an honors diploma" GASP, WHAT? ok, happiness and dread wash over DH and myself. WHAT DO YOU MEAN she's been invited to Standford? for a week.
As the day/evening ended,,,,with this news....
DH and I, just stared at each other,,,,knowing our lives,,,,,all we could do was laugh. Did NOT see this one coming but at least we planned for it.


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Staff member from hell today...foggy, sore from previous days of exercise, contentious meeting scheduled ...then hear that I have another mandatory emergency meeting...have to re-schedule a number of things on the fly...get in a nice hike...arrive at work to discover two other separate client emergencies, one involving possible danger to us as a staff and another involving possible abuse of one of our patients...and hear that next week is shaping up to be just as crazy, plus I am working my second job this entire weekend...when I will tan and practice for upcoming comp? I will never know...stick a fork in all of us at the office by the end of the day...but I was pleased and proud to have de-escalated a very threatened co-worker ... and also enjoyed a lesson with my first pro for old time's sake...home to pour some adult beverage on all of it and to avoid tv coverage that would be more than one could bear....


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saturday...3 mile dune at job #2 ....nice easy couple to counsel...fabulous dinner with dh...stressful phone call after that which pretty much threatens to ruin the whole evening...but dh bought all was well...eventually

sunday...wake, practice, teach dh how to lift weights without injuring himself...make and eat an abundance of tacos as it has been a rough week and I needed them....back to work#2 and this time it was a difficult case...home to more tacos then off to help dtr do yard work as she is new to adulting and cannot discern weed from lovely that they have no rake...note to self...spend more time watching food network stuff...bed soon


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Friday: Decided to take the night off and go watch figure skating solo (nationals were in town). Aside from some finding-parking hassles, it was a lovely, relaxing time that had me stay up too late and eat some terrible-for-me food. Good times.

Sat: Gym for a weightlifting workout, where we deadlift, bench and squat. I'm all tremble-y by the end, in that I-worked-really-hard way :) To the studio, where after eating my light lunch, I practice for a few hours. Things go pretty well. Home to do a protein treatment on my hair, while I simultaneously hand-sew things on the bodice of my in-progress dress and watch tv. Bed, not as early as I should have (whoops).

Sun: Early morning practice. It takes a little while to loosen up, but once I work out the kinks from my exercise-heavy Sat, things are not bad. Home to reward myself for getting up and to practice with bacon and eggs. Highlights for the rest of the day included cutting out what felt like 7 million skirt pieces for my dress, some laundry, a nap and making a yummy vegetarian lasagna...of which I inhaled 2 large pieces for dinner.


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Discover our fridge is 51 degrees and not budging. DH tried to determine which "part" went south. Ok. The part the went south,,,,,he says,,,,what kind of fridge do you want and where are the ice chests. Well, yea and boo all at the same time.
Home Depot,between serious rain storms. Pay for and schedule delivery.
Buy ice for the ice chests.
Serious rain and street flooding all day.
Watch Dumbbells try with their cars to navigate flooded roads and freeways causing rescue units to divert....ahhhh...I don't miss this.
Watch friends get their 4 wheel drive truck out, attach a ski rope, haul out their surfboard and enjoy Street Skimming as the truck pulls the teenager. Ok, I'll give them that, it was pretty funny but safe.
More and more rain, more and more logs on the fire.
Rest, cocoa and football. That about sums it up. Other than watching our yards become overly saturated. Even the Farrell cat came inside our house.


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Yesterday, WOW, Amazing, OH NO, what?!!! All in one day.
Started with a giant enormous rainbow whose colors ended/started at our chimney!!! Ran out to take gorgeous pics and video, even if the roof did get in the way (now where is that darn pot of gold).
The wild cat appreciates the sun and dry - she is definitely not in the yard.
Head to Zumba, uhhhh WHAT?!!! Dark clouds, sky comes open and it is a cold almost can't see the road rainstorm. Which continues most of the day.
Home, cause we are not about to go anywhere in this, rain stops, clouds still out there, DH runs around collecting our water containers.
We both notice, "did you turn the heat off, it seems to have dropped 10 degrees and it's cold in the living room"
No sooner said than - holy moly. Hail, big hail, not pebble hail , HAIL. And it's sticking. Turns yards white as if we have snow.
Watch news, notice it's not raining and a bit of sunshine, ahhhhh. Nice.
Early evening,,, blanket lighting. And thunder that shakes our home and then, yep, serious big drop rain. I know, I know, weather like this and a day inside the house, watching weather like this, just doesn't happen here. Really, it doesn't.


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mon...taught a 70 minute class...cannot remember what else until 1:45 then saw a client and went tanning...not sure what else but there were some other stresses and I am generally glad to have forgotten it

today taught a morning class then saw clients and spent some time in the office, managed a brief nap in the afternoon and then had a nice chat and light workout with a friend....looking forward to a quiet evening alone with dh


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More than a week ago? CRS. Highlights:
Sunday: matinee on 59th street, one block east of 5th Avenue. That means Trump Tower Territory, on a Sunday afternoon. Note to self: don't do that again for the foreseeable future.

Monday: pre-competition madness lesson; group class that night

Tuesday: bring competition gown to lesson but don't put it on until about 45 minutes in; this turns out to be a poor choice, and much finger shaking and certain commands ("You bring that in tomorrow and you WEAR IT FOR THE WHOLE LESSON" and more wtte); things had been going well up to that point, but the gown has a mind of its own, and it wanted to do what it wanted to do, instead of what Teach and I have been working on

Wednesday: Gown on; lesson fine

Thursday: Rolfer; much cooking and baking; dinner in the city with a friend I've known since junior high

Friday: To Boston for competition with DB#4; easy drive but many, many state troopers and speed traps; arrive, unpack, re-stone and steam gown, go to bar to grab a bite, relax, hang out in bar and watch people all dressed up for gala as they walk by; it's like being on the red carpet; asleep by 9

Saturday: Long slow prep for competing -- get hair and makeup from new vendor, and I'm in love, I've never looked better, they are delightful team of kind people, and all good
Warm up with Teach
Single dances not until 4:30 pm, scholarship at 5:30
Wash that glue right out of my hair
Dinner with DB#4 and Teach in hotel; asleep by 11:30


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Woke up just dandy.
two hours later. BLAH, YUCK, and ICK.
5 friends call, text in the morning,,,all of them...not feeling well but not really "sick". Decide it must be our drastic weather change. Yet again.
Contemplate a "for left handers (some sort of web) store" need to talk with DH.
Neighbor visits, she's not feeling great either. OK, so what gives...I mean seriously,,,,everyone? geezz.
head to get flu shot(s) - with DH.
Drop off StreetStrider for gear box repair and note pretty neat regular bikes. Far out of my price range.
Grandparent day at GS#2 school. His card made me cry..yep...pulls at my heart.
Karate for GS and Barnes and Noble visit with him.
Perfect day, although the start didn't seem like it was going to go well at all.

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