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Father leaves a recipe for lemon bundt cake prominently displayed on kitchen table, along with other hints, such as the bundt pan
Nephew not feeling well, may have a kidney stone, so I stay home from group class in case he needs to go to ER; last time he had a stone, he was in badly-managed ER for an overnight, so that's NOT happening again
Read a lot


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To Gyro; on my way there, get call from Gyro teacher, her oops; reschedule to 10:30
Bake lemon bundt cake
To Gyro; it is so wonderful go have a Gyro teacher to whom I can show my comp photos and say "SEE THIS?? THAT"S WHAT HAPPENS BETTER B/C OF HERE" and she gets it
Home; make dinner; try lemon bundt cake for evaluation purposes only, I swear
HBOGo and don't I appreciate having the laptop connected to the 24" monitor for The Young Pope
Read; z

please note LACK OF LESSON, which I will get over, I promise


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wed...hmmm, taught a class...was touched that ladies bought me 2 massages as a thank you...spent most of the day making calls and in meetings but I sort of needed that...home to some stresses but things got better...

thurs....taught fitness class again today but one of the ladies who is a bit of a curmudgeon was in a huff because I was being attentive to the ladies who want to mix things up a bit, so she didn't cannot please all the people all of the time....visited two patients whose first language is not English so that was a good opportunity to put my marginal Spanish to use....worked all day and then took a lesson with my first pro...spent rest of evening on the phone with steps there in his adulting woes but generally trending upward


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Check in with neighbor whose garage is spilling out onto driveway, construction and remodeling! Yard sale planning and adult boy moving out.
Watch Fox News only because DH is quite interested in news lately, uhhhh.
Find ski wax, check conditions, drag out bigger-heavier sticks (skis) and try to plan sneaking GS2 out of school to finish teaching him skiing before he learns to snowboard.
Wait for much anticipated new fridge delivery, which has amazing space configuation that I insisted on with DH. If this has and is an unexpected purchase because our other one pooped out, then I am getting exactly what will work for us, so there!!!
Cancel meetings, move schedule around.
Dump ice. Transfer foods, clean up floors from old fridge removal and wella, we're both pretty happy about this.
Enjoy the sun, clear weather, and good conversation, finish evening off watching Kingsman movie.


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Yesterday was a big day. Not in the way most would think, but for those who connect with my FB page you already know.
Yesterday, at the Marriott Phoenix-Mesa was the POW-MIA awards/event.
My Uncle Joseph Smith, Army, 1st Lt., was a POW- Korea.
Awarded yesterday, through the vast and deep efforts of my father (marines-Korea, retired Navy Comdr.) and the Pow-MIA case worker organization, the Purple Heart, Silver Star, Bronze and several others.
joe married my fathers sister. They had two girls. My first cousins (both deceased from PCK disease), however, he was captured when they were toddlers so they didn't really grow up "knowing him" just of him through our family and their mother. Their own daughters (my second cousins) flew from Jersey to Phoenix and it was a very happy, joyous day/evening.
His "bones" were never released and are still in North Korea, we know the exact coordinates from other POW's that were in the camp with him. His life is not forgotten. The work this group does is amazing, strenuous at times, and when it does come to an end like this, there are simply no words, while "thank you" just doesn't seem to do it. This was our yesterday.


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friday... drive to Milwaukee ....4 home while talking with clue what else
sat- teach a fitness class, tan, buy tequila, do dishes and laundry, watch Selma and the news (bad combination), practice rhythm...
sun...sleep in, tan, skype w/ son and grandbaby, cook for engaged clients who are coming over: italian beef, pasta salad, chicken salad, nachos...couple was delightful....estimated activities this evening will be: packing and sorting for upcoming comp, practicing smooth, soaking in tub, watching something mindless....


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Prepping the sale of step-dad's home in high desert.
Watch all PRO football game.
Ate Pizza for the first time in a was WONDERFUL. Darn. Heh heh heh.


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My family doc has been insisting for a while now that I needed to go see a cardiologist and get checked out. I have no symptoms, but he has been concerned due to family history which I've told him about. So I'm finally doing it this month.

Today was treadmill day. They had me on the treadmill for about 20 minutes. It started at a very slow speed, and gradually sped up and increased incline. At the end of the test, it was a very brisk walking pace. They injected me with an imaging dye during this. Then they sent me to the waiting room with a packet of crackers to eat and a cup of water. (?) After about 20 minutes, they came and got me and ran me through the MRI, then back to the waiting room.

The doc looked over the results and came to talk to me... "it all looks perfect; no problems at all. Keep doing what you're doing." :cool: Now I can go back to my family doc and say, "told ya." :D


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speak with real estate agent - who was also my step-dad' neighbor.
drag out documents from closet,,,,final closure coming soon.
laughed at our tax documents for 2016 - geeez, thoughts abound about "charging by sheer weight of paper"
Enjoy amazing views of the San Gabriel Mountains, and seriously wish sponsor would provide new ski boots that actually fit me. darn
Break out....Russian Frosting Tips. ohhhh YES, new play things...can't wait to try out these things.


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This weekend included:

- Ballet class, where I started to learn my first variation ever! We'll be doing the shades trio from La Bayadere... en pointe. Which I've just started - or rather, will be starting, next week. (I am both excited and terrified. Trying to trust that the teacher wouldn't be asking me to do it if she didn't think I could.)
- Skirt haircut, then sewing umpteen metres of crin trim and fishing line to my dress.
- Hair appointment, where I lose more length than originally planned... but finally also the last bit of noticeably thin hair from when I was sick a few years ago. I'll need to use my hair extensions to have enough for my comp updo this weekend, but that's do-able.
- Rounds. Sweaty, sweaty rounds.
- Rhinestoning - necklace, bracelets and armbands.

The rest is a blur.


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Thought about heading to Costa Mesa for Calif. Dancesport yesterday. Yep "thought" about it. Heard dire warnings about huge biggest of the season rain storm headed our way and decided to catch up around house and yards - because really, no one knows how to drive in the rain - here. And I'm not about to. Snow is another thing, no problem.
Gave DH a "gift" pedicure with lower leg massage. He's been recumbent biking his bum off since hurting his back, and he LOVED it "best Valentines gift ever" according to him.
Caught up with other retirees, and the Oroville Dam/Spillway situation - kinda got dragged into that one.
DD - and her partner - countdown to outdoor wedding while GS#2 gives us the stinkeye because we are not pulling him out of school to attend.
Planning finishes with deciding to stay for Austin Rodeo which is the same week as wedding apparently.
Finished day with shredding BOXES of business paperwork, finally!!!!


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Yesterday was the first lesson I taught at my new twin toddlers.
At first exciting but in the end a failure...Need to improve my teaching skills, I'm afraid...


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Dealing with pulled lower back tendon from a new quick figure in Tango. GEEZZZ LOUISE will this ever end?
Cheered and overjoyed that 3 yes 3 of my ballroom sisters won Best of the Best at Calif. Open.. OSB here they come!
Watched the rain, the cold, big drops of non-stop rain, and of course the incredible mess it made of the flooded fwy system at evening rush hour.
Avoided this huge stack of paperwork, still staring at me. ugh.
Even the wild cat wanted inside the house - ok, that's when you know the weather is really bad.
Got pics from DD bridal "learn to bake cupcakes with alcohol" shower, which I could not attend but glad she had a good time.
Learned it will be me, DH, DS, my father and his wife - at her wedding, with 100 people we don't know. At all. Mapped out logistic plans for getting everything in place at this "wedding event" house on the hill and go over it with DD.
Finished evening by watching video clip of GS#1 singing in an invitation only choir of the Travis County School System (amazing!) and his sister's news of receiving an invitation only to move up to the traveling gymnastics competition team for Capitol Gymnastics. WOW, who knew that tiny person that I couldn't stop from tumbling everywhere we went - has so much...of the stuff to do that with. nice way to end the evening.


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Wake up WAAAY too early for a Saturday...sleep patterns have been screwed up for weeks now. Read some published theories on integrated marketing communications for classes this week. Lessons, where some weirdly amazing, good things with my turns keep happening. All of these years I've been thinking about turns so wrong. Home to take the doggies for a run (weather here in Colorado has been wonderfully warm.) Shower and dinner out with friend, who shows me pics of the Star Wars costume exhibit in Denver. Must see that before it's gone! Home to bed, where sleep is again a struggle. Sigh.

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