Yoga Toes vs. knock-offs?

Has anyone seen the brand-name "Yoga Toes" and any of the various knock-offs of them? I was wondering if there was a difference that justified paying about twice as much for the brand name.
I got some generic knock offs at CVS this week for ten bucks. I'd prefer a wider spacer for the big toe and maybe less for the little toe, but they seem okay.


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I love my Yoga toes. :)

Before buying the brand "Yoga toes" I found a knock-off at Wal*mart (cannot remember the name of the brand) but it was just terrible. It was entirely too large and the spaces did not even begin to contour to a human foot. Wish I could warn you about the brand... it really was a terrible excuse.
Thanks for the responses! After looking at the Yoga Toes online, they do seem more contoured than the knockoffs I've seen. I decided to go with the Yoga Toes (after finding a discount code online that took off $15--it's YR778, if anyone is interested).


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i remember you saying they hurt your feet, and123. i often wish they separated my toes *more*. mebbe my feet are just wider? i love'em tho. they do open the lines of the toes up after they've been all smushed and knocked about.
I've been avoiding this thread, it looked like it was going to be painful ;)
Actually, I used those soft toe spacers (in essence internal yoga toes) all the time - they prevent the bones from grinding in my feet after too long in dance shoes. Sure, you can get compression blisters on the other side of the toe but its way better than the agony of hte tarsals rubbing.

Do they make a pair suitable for snow :roll: :p

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