You Know you are Addicted to Dancing when...


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I was recently "caught" practicing VW in a parking lot. I was on my way home from a coaching, stopped by a coffee shop and when I got out of my car, checked to see if my understanding of something seemed correct (I had been mulling it over while driving). It wasn't even a full measure, but I probably repeated it a few times. When I went in, the guy behind the counter complimented the dancing and asked about it....
This is so cool! I guess you are addicted to dancing whenever you hear a song on the radio and wonder if a certain dance will fit it rhythmically and you're too serious with that kind of wondering. :D


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Your cell-phone buzzes and you keep dancing.

I saw quite the opposite last saturday, a guy left the dancefloor to answer, telling her partner 'It's probably nothing, but it might be interesting"


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You sprain your toe, have it heavily taped and are wearing running shoes at the office... and when a co-worker asks what you are going to do with all the free time you'll have in the evening until it heals... and you look at them like o_O:confused:, because not going to practice never even entered into your head. In your world, you just tape it up, wear low shoes, shorten practice a bit, eliminate jumping for a few days, and ice post-studio.

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