You know you have improved when.......

You know you have improved when:

- You get asked to dance more often than you do asking for dances.

- You no longer feel intimidated.

- You watch salsa clips & go: "yeah, I should be able to do that." intead of doing :shock: ......'s a great feeling, isn't it :eek: ?!

Would anyone else like to share theirs.....?
When I danced with a lead I hadn't danced with in a while and I hit everything he lead and he had the hugest grin on his face and was totally 'into' the dance.

Yeah. That was great. 8)

salsachinita said:
You watch salsa clips & ....
When I read this, my brain processed this: "You want salsa & chips..."

*geez* I think I'm missing Mexican food right now. :lol: :lol: :lol:
By the end of the night you've been asked to dance more times than the DJ has played songs. :tongue:

When the only rest you get is in the bathroom hiding.

When people run your way when their fav song goes on.

When folks bring their friends to the club specifically to dance with you.

When you are asked if you dance ballroom because your lead is too good and too smooth to be street.

When other dancers want to know where you learned to dance.

When a fellow leader asks his partner if your lead feels as smooth as it looks.

When the male in a couple brings his girlfriend up to you to dance with.

Last but not least.
When the song ends and the girls wisper to your ear "I finally danced with you", don't forget me in the future.

When stuff like the above mention happen once you are happy, but when they happen every night, then you start to think to yourself... hey, i might be alright after all. :mrgreen:


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* When girls introduce their non-dancing friends to you and tell them, 'dance with him, he's good'.

* When people look and point at you, and they're NOT laughing.
When students of other schools come to you with their non dancing friends and say "I want to introduce X to you... (s)he is looking for an instructor and I think you are the best!" :shock: :shock: :shock: (makes one wonder why they don't come themselves!)

When beginners/intermediate dancers refuse to dance with you when invited saying "Oh, no, you intimidate me! You're too good and I will bore you!" and if they accept, they stick to doing the basic (even your students, whom you have just taught a complicated pattern during class and congratulated them in how well they did it! :shock: :shock: :shock: ) even when encouraged!

When people try the hardest moves they know just to check if they can lead an advanced dancer through them! :lol: :lol:

When people come to you and say "It's been a joy and a privilege to watch you and your partner dance!" or clap their hands at the end of the song! :shock: :shock: :shock:
- you get more confident ask ask more people to dance
- you dance with somebody and they come back to you ask ask for another
After a really good dance a group of people start clapping that you had no idea were watching...then one of them comes up and says "I loved the way you dance, may I dance with you?". :D

When you can dance with someone that intimidates you...and after one dance they want to dance with you again. :wink:

When you approach a lady you want to dance with...and before you say a word, she jumps out of her seat and you just start dancing.
When a person who's been working with you for a long time turns out to be a closet salsera, shows up at a club out of the blue, dances with you a couple of times, and from that day on shouts "Heeey!" and hugs you every time you meet in the hallways. :lol:
... when everybody follows that move almost nobody used to follow. :wink:

... when your partner makes excuses every time you make a mistake. :roll:


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- when a great follow I hadn't danced with in months mentioned that my lead had improved a lot
- when I was no longer intimidated by good follows
- when I started enjoying the dance instead of worrying about the patterns. It took me 1 year to get there, but it was worth it.
MapleLeaf Salsero said:
When a Cuban you have never seen before asks you for a dance.
Now that you say this... it reminded me of the time a couple of people had a bet going that I was cuban. The poor guy was so heart broken when he found out that he had just lost money! lol... Poor thing... I'm rican I said, he replied... I thought only a cuban could move like that... :) that was rather nice of him.

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