You know you have improved when.......

Well I am still a beginner and I certainly do not have your experiences so:

You know that you have improved when:

- you can dance without thinking about every little thing you do
- more people, who are not your teachers, ask you to dance with them:D
- you help someone worse than you realize his/hers mistakes ( I always feel better after that :wink: )
- you start feeling more confident with the way you dance
- people compliment you on your progress
- you can actually follow all the leads of your partner during a whole dance :shock:
Twilight_Elena said:
Sobrero said:
Twilight_Elena said:
More from the amazing kiddo:

-When you can focus more on dancing and less on the steps (and guess who makes me be like that with no effort at all!)

Twilight Elena
Let’s see:
It couldn’t be your salsa teacher, could it? :wink: :wink:

Nah, no way :!: :!:
:shock: :shock: :shock: You little bugger, Helen! I knew I'd talk you into DF! :D

Twilight Elena
Yeah right! As if I you are the only reason I joined DF!!
With all those wonderful people in here it wasn't too hard for me to be persuaded :lol:
Warmfuzzy moments that happened this weekend:

- When you walk across the floor to ask one of the regulars to dance and he greets you with a genuine "Thank you so much!" after you ask.
- When you're invited to go out dancing socially with some of the students who have been at the studio for a lot longer than your measely 3 months
- When you're out dancing socially with said people, including some from a different studio and one of the leads you've just met tells you how impressed he is by your skill level for having only danced for such a short time
- When the dance with one of the more advanced dancers finishes without missing a lead and he tells you "Congratulations, you just finished a full silver swing!" -- and you're only working at an associate bronze level
- When after dancing with you, your partner tells you "Thank you!!! You make me look so good!" (after which I immediately reply with "It's not that hard to do that..." That always makes them smile :wink: )
When you dance with a teacher that you admire / respect / have studied under at a club and THEY get a big grin on their face (and not because you nearly tripped up! :wink: ) - the first time this happened to me I felt exhilerated - because not only was I enjoying it, but they were too! :D

Oh and the other one for me was being told that I had to be from Puerto Rico on the Thursday and from Columbia the following Sunday because of the way I danced (I am blonde with skin the colour of tippex and blue eyes...not your average puertorican look-alike!) :lol:
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cl5814 said:
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Claire_Brummell said:
(I am blonde with skin the colour of tippex and blue eyes...) :lol:
forgive the dumb American... what is tippex?
Tippex = white out
My apologies - should have catered for our multi-cultural audience :wink: - I meant that I have very pale skin! :D
well the context was obvious but the comparison was not to me. I'll say that my mom is the color of Tippex and I am a shade darker, but people are always surprised when I say my mom is even paler than I am.
LOL - Well I'm the palest in my family - I have a sister with skin that is just the right tone to tan nicely going a beautiful golden brown, where I go from white to scarlet and right back to white with not much pause in the middle! :?

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