you know you're a DTWS addict when.....

You know you are a DWTS addict when you're supposed to take your mother to take a midnight international flight & the airport is an hour away & you're still glued to TV to finish the results show, despite you KNEW the results already from the East Coast DFers!


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dressgirl said:
(sorry Nick - but I think its for the best - she's nuts)
Don't worry about Nick -- the ballroom gossip grapevine has it that he was rather okay with the idea of leaving after the first week.
click "shop" on the main nav and then select Reality /Dancing with the stars. they have the promo poster for sale. it features anna's back and jonathan's front.


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You're freaking out because you can't find the episodes on the internet anywhere, and you can't watch them on tv because you're from Europe.
cut my finger open trying to wrench open the box.

it's now up in a place of pride in my cube, a location carefully selected so i could stare at it ALL DAY and gain inspiration. i love her pose, although for instructional reasons i wish she were doing something a little more "check out my contra-body action and how i am SETTLED in my HIP" etc etc.

but still, inspirational.

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