You know you're addicted to the forums when ...

I'd forgotten there was such a thread - in fact I just suggested someone should start one and then here it is again - Magic!

when checking virtual dance (DF) makes you late for real dance (practice) ...


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I would say I am addicted to this forum as I can't seem to stay away very long no matter what is going on in my life. But, I don't use any other forum so I think I am only addicted to DF and not forums, in general.
. . . you check the "You last visited" counter to see how much sleep you've gotten -- because you're usually on DF last thing at night and with your first cup of morning tea.


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You know you're addicted to DF when you are at a dance camp, you're absolutely exhausted, you have a chance to take a nap, and instead you use the time to check for new posts on DF ... At least I restrained myself from writing anything, so I managed to sleep a little most afternoons, which enabled me to enjoy the parties until at least midnight every night. I was astonished at the number of people my age who lasted until the wee (or not so wee) hours of the morning and still showed up in class. Of course most of them were there more to socialize than to learn much new, but I'm a relative newbie so it was important to me to be functional in class ;).

I'm actually back home now, but getting ready for another camp before returning to work.

Edited to add: This is my post number 395. I'm going to try to keep track for a while ... I think my status changes from Bourgeois at number 400 ....


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Well I am not that bad, but I check as often as I can. I dont ahve time to do it at work and as I am out most nights of thewek I can only doing for a fuew hours about twice a week. but I want my post counts t0 rise to Demi God level, I on ly have a few years to go!


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you bookmarked DF on your computer at work regardless there is company policy no personal websurfing allowed and check new posts on DF now and then using working hours


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You keep checking New posts at work, and can't care less what your boss is saying. He can wait!! You are in a hot argument at DF. My boss came back and asked me if i have time for him now.

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