You too can see Fast Results (snicker)

Here are before and after images of me on the "Hit your head on a windshield, develop depression and anxiety, take medications that don't work, and sink into a crazy rollercoaster ride of bingeing, fasting, activity, inactivity, and who knows what else" Diet.

September 13th will be the anniversary of the car wreck- I ballooned in weight very shortly after it due to inability to stay active and exercising, and kept it on due to The Rut.

It IS coming off- it was a LOT worse, but there's a very LONG way to go yet. I haven't been able to wear the dark-colored dress in three years, with OR without any kind of miracle, iron-clad support system under my clothes. I don't think I'll ever be skinny again, but I can try to at least TRY to get into a reasonable size and lose those gigantic batflap arms by dancing for exercise.


We still love you ponidancer :D
I'm sorry about your accident, and I hope that maybe things will start getting better for you real soon.
Hey, you’re a lot lighter than the image I got in my head. :oops:

This size should not give you any major problems dancing. When you get to the addiction point where you dance all night, drinking only water, and crashing at home after refilling with the last cup of water, then you have a great addition to what you are doing already. 8)

Now you’re moving in the right direction, stay focused, stay determined, and you will get there.
It’s not a question of if! Now it’s only a question of when! :wink:

Do feel good about going in the right direction.

Hugs :friend:

:banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

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