Your 2010 AT resolutions?

By compensation I mean that when your partner repeats the same error many times you will unconsciously tend to do the opposite error so that the result would be apparently correct.
Between guy and girl, what's apparently correct is correct. Hence the cause was not actually "error".

Only between guy, girl and instructor can apparent not equal actual, and such a cause be an error.


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You are right: I shouldn't call it an error.

Anyway it is something that could be not the best way to reach your goal, if your goal is being able to dance with everybody.
For me, the best way to get good at dancing with everybody, is by dancing with everybody.
I'd narrow it down a bit - leading everybody in social dancing is the best way to develop the ability to lead everybody in social dancing.
Actually tango is a social dancing.
And in social dancing you are supposed to potentially dance with everybody.
Hence, you are not narrowing, but extending the concept from tango to all social dancing.
According to my experience, it is still true.

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