Your Best Thanksgiving Bird You Ever Had was?


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Our DS has invited us to his new home (first time homeowner) for Thanksgiving. Color me incredibly happy - he is deep frying a Turkey. uhhhhh, I've heard stories about these birds.
As memory serves me, The Best Thanksgiving Bird I can remember eating, was at my grandmothers house, she baked it slowly and there was cheesecloth over it. There was nothing to compare with that beautiful golden skin, the smell that seemed to be everywhere in their home and how moist the turkey was.
As memories serve all of us at this time of year....I pose the gratitude of those of my ancestors who taught me the traditions of cooking holiday meals...
what was/is the best Thanksgiving've ever had? or close to it. This should be fun.
By far the best one we've had was the Thanksgiving before last after our then 10 year old granddaughter had successful open heart turkey! It could have been a bologna sandwich and it still would have been the best. Actually, the turkey was deep fried and lightly barbecued by one of our son-in-laws.


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One of the best I ever had was barbequed in a trash can out back. Some clever military guys discovered this on a deployment some years back, and a few years ago I went to one of their homes for incredibly good, and apparently easy to do, but you do lose the house full of turkey smell.
We usually took turns during the holidays visiting my grandparents. A number of years ago we were visiting and it happened that my grandmother cooked the turkey. She wrapped the turkey up in bacon, then the oven did the work. Our turkey roasted for 3 hours, and she removed it when the thigh meat read 160 on a thermometer. With bacon and a bevy of herbs -- not to mention the onions and apples inside the bird -- this turkey is anything but one-dimensional in flavor.


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so grateful for almost all thanksgivings...I loved the ones with my wonderful loving grandparents, who always went all out on every holiday!
White tablecloths, crystal, china, silver, candle light, the best serving dishes, the special *turkey salt and pepper shakers* aw -teary-and of course, the major abundance of traditional and delicious food over the top! And from the cocktails to the wine to the espresso with anisette, to brandy and nuts and fruit- LOVED the holidays with my Italian grandparents!! Soup to nuts and more! XXOXOXOOOO!!!! Love you and miss you, Vincenza and Vincenzo!!<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 KISSES Gma and Gpa!!!
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