Your chance to "star" in upcoming ATango PBS Special!

I am passing along an email I rec'd outlining an opportunity for tango dancers from all over the globe!

While they will only make so many stops on their tour to find the dancers that will participate during the festival next year I would think that anyone that lives in close proximity to those larger cities and thus tango communities should have a shot too!

Good luck to any of you that decide to participate! Let's keep each other informed here on how it goes!

"Because of your interest in Tango, we'd like to invite you to view a web site that outlines an exciting new documentary film-- Seduced by Tango. The film, hosted by Robert Duvall, will star Pablo Veron and will feature dancers from across the globe!

We are currently looking for dancers with a commitment to the cultural experience of Tango. We want to film couples in their home communities and invite some of them to a Tango workshop in Buenos Aires at next year's Tango festival.

The more responses we get from any one community, the more likely it is the production team will be visiting that location. If you are chosen, the producers will contact you about
the possibility of our team visiting you in your city or hometown for interviews and to learn about your tango community.

The film is to be directed by Emmy award winner Catherine Tatge and will be presented on PBS, America's public television network.

Please take a moment to view the site in order to see if you or anyone
you know might be interested in participating:"

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