Your Christmas name


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MacMoto said:
I'm Furry Dancing-Bonbons! :D
I got curious...
With my DF name, I'm Cuddly Chocolate-Cracker.
With my real name combined with my DF name (as surname), I'm back to Furry Dancing-Bonbons.

Furry Dancing-Bonbons it is then :) I'll certainly be dancing this Christmas, one way or the other.
Not that I do Christmas, but here it goes:

My real full name: Tumbleflump Chilly-Elf ( :shock: what a mouthful!)

My DF name: Tumbleflump Bunny-Elf (equally bad :roll: )

DF name only: Fuzzy Bunny-Elf

*looks like I'm stuck with fluffy sounding names. I give up :roll: *

Using My First and Last Name: Tumbleflump Chocolate-Baubles
Using My DF Name: Furry Monster-Cracker

I think I like my real name one better :eek:

yuck! could you imagine Furry Monster-Cracker as a stripper name? LOL!! :shock:

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