Your dance persona

Fabulous topic, Jenn...I'm the same as most of you, I'm most comfortable on the dancefloor where my mood changes according to the dance.

During a cha cha or a jive, I can be outrageously flirty :lol: , flighty and feathery during a prim-and-proper New Vogue dance, pensive during an Argentine Tango, serious and "floating" during a modern dance, cheeky and fun during swing and absolutely having a ball during a salsa or merengue! :lol:
I agree with Pygmalion-
When I dance, certain aspects of my personality become magnified- then again certain aspects of my personality that are "hidden" emerge. I teach Uni, too(like Genesius) and the students already see me as a "wild-ish" American girl, but look out when it's salsa time!!!!!!!! :twisted: (After all, one can't wear cleavage-bearing spandex in the classroom :lol: !!!)
hmm.. lets say the word metamorphesis (spelling?) comes to mind here :lol: .. well its not quite that but lets put it this way..

in normal everyday life its like i am in a sort of shadow .. like a flower with access to water and minerals yet craving sunshine..

in salsa its like the sunshine covers me top to bottom and i bloom inside-out .. the warmth of a gentle sun shines upon my face :p
I've found that, these days, when I dance, whole new facets

My job is a very stressful one, so when I go to dance class, I DO forget all about that part of my life, but I think it is still in my back memory, this in turn uses up memory so it takes me longer than some to get a new pattern/ move down.
Also when dancing its like playing golf, no drinking for me.too much concentration going on, while having fun at the same time.
These are my personalities (like GR i'm a Gemini) -

When i'm at work - I talk constantly, joke and laugh a lot
When i'm at home - I talk constantly, joke and laugh a lot
When i'm dancing - I talk, joke and laugh a lot
When i'm asleep - I talk a lot (according to my unfortunate wife)

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