Your dream dance night?


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What would be your magical dancing night if you were to have one?

You know I've had magical dances with people, been complimented to no end sometimes, had wonderful atmosphere, great live band...yet I've still not had what I dream about, my night. I'll give you all a chance to have your say and then tell what mine is later on. :wink:
Before my first performance, I used to dream that I was the one outstanding routine of the night and so impressed the owner of the studio that he offered me a job doing performance work to promote the studio! :oops:

My dream dance night would probably involve something along the lines of meeting and dancing with the man I'm going to spend the rest of my life with. Of course he would be a fantastic lead, in all the dances that I know and compliment me perfectly.

Must stop now, can't get all dreamy eyed at work!! :lol:

It is just a dream, after all ........ :roll:


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There was an advert here for a low calorie chocolate drink. The punchline was that because they were so low in calories, you could have more than one. :lol: You, as the female, only had the difficult choice of deciding who to make the drink for you. The camera then paned to a lineup of gorgeous looking guys all wearing tuxedos and armed with.............. cordless kettles :lol:

Well, my dream night which I actually came very close to, would be to have a line up of guys who could salsa/merengue/cha cha cha fantastically, for me to dance with ALL night, on an empty dancefloor with a beautiful sprung floor. I came close with once, with three guys. I had the time of my life because I stayed on the dancefloor with one, whilst the other two took a rest :lol: They would then take it in turns to steal me away from the other one :lol: One of the reasons I loved it was because their leads and patterns were at varying levels to each other and therefore I had to remain alert all the time for when they stole/swopped. :banana:


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Sagitta said:
What would be your magical dancing night if you were to have one?
A salsa night at my favourite venue as my birthday party, with all my dance friends and DF salser@s attending. My choice of DJs plus a live band. All my favourite leaders and "dream partners" lining up to dance with me.


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Sabor said:
i'm affraid i can't say .. u wouldn't want me to get arrested now would u?! :nope:
how could it be possibly any worse than anything you have already said :roll: :roll: :roll:



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My dream night, in addition to those other magical ingredients of atmosphere, good music, great dance floor, would be the right people so that I could dance half the time as a leader and half the time as a follower. Seamlessly moving from one person to another, switching roles with aplomb. Not making a difference with whom I was dancing with... sometimes as a follower with a guy and sometimes with a gal, and as a leader of both guys and gals.

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