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Sorry. Self indulgent thread. But I've been thinking about this, a lot, lately.

If you could have your absolute dream home with no restrictions, no limitations and an unlimited budget, what would it be? Where would it be? How would it look? Or do you already live in your dream home? :cool:



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Funny you brought this up...I'm actually real estate shopping these days. I found a place that would have been wonderful except for one thing: there was no view. Not even of the street. When you looked out the gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows the view was across a lightwell to the side of a building about 15 feet away (no neighbor windows, fortunately, just the side of the next building). That was the deal breaker -- the price was good, it was an over 1850 square foot tri-level loft with a really nice kitchen, two gas fireplaces, really nice bathrooms, actual closet storage, its own little laundry room, skylights, deeded parking for one car...but I don't want to feel like I'm living in a cave in the winter time. If it merely looked out across a street it would have been wonderful.

So my dream place is that loft, but with something to see out of the windows.


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something very frank lloyd wright- esque...a classier version of what I already live in I think...and in a secluded setting...simple and earthy


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I'd never really thought about this before now, but I have some acreage near my parents that we've been talking about lately. I'm thinking maybe I'll build a home near them, so I can be there, during their later years.

But then I started thinking, why not build the house I really want? The problem is that I've always thought about the houses that there are, or the spec homes in the builders' inventory. I've never thought about what I really like.

One thing I know. My dream home will have at least two fireplaces. I want a huge one (like MQ has, IIRC) in my bedroom and another one in a living area, somewhere. It would be nice if they have enclosures so I can use wood to help heat the house. But then, I kinda like the look of a roaring, unencumbered fire, without any heat exchanger unit.

And I want my dream home to be far enough away from neighbors that I don't have to know anybody, unless I want to. I want to, of course. But I want to have to go over and introduce myself. No awkward early-morning meetings over the just-delivered newspaper, if you please. lol.
very small, cozy, lots of windows, not alot of walls on the inside, something woodcabin-esque.

That or an ultra contemporary apartment style place


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Mine would have custom kitchen counters tall enough for me to wash dishes without bending a bit and a bathtub long enough for me to stretch out completely. I'm only 5'8", but the standard sizes are uncomfortable.


It would be in one of those new loft communities. I would have a huge dance studio on the street level, and live above the studio.


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Oooh, one of DH's and my favorite topics. (Aside: the grammar on that sentence doesn't feel right, but I can't figure out how to fix it. Suggestions?) We've gone so far as to sketch floor plans.

It'd be relatively small--don't ask how small. Currently we've got 2500 sq ft, so definitely smaller than this, though. Stone exterior surface. Center hall, guest room and full bath, dining room and kitchen with island on ground floor. Opening off the back of the kitchen would be a large fireplace (stone surround) that opens off both sides--so into the kitchen-ish on one side and into the 2-storey solarium we'd have off the back. Steps up through the solarium (with built in bookshelves underneath, and along the walls that back to the house) to the master suite. I want the master suite open over the solarium (hence, the 2-storeys), a big bathtub out in the open, and then the bathroom, closet, and laundry machines all connected.

There'd be a connected 2-car garage. Plenty of room for dancing in the basement. Hardwood floors throughout, with nice area rugs...even though I don't care for them. With plenty of privacy, and beautiful views.

And, most importantly, it would be as environmentally conscious as we could make it. Renewable materials, local materials, solar powered, uber-insulated, water conserving...all that jazz...and all the stuff we don't even know about.
I would like one by the sea, with glass windows.
I liked the house in 'The Lake House', but by the sea instead of a lake.


the witch's house in Hansel and Gretel.


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Large, open and airy. Lot's of natural substances; rock, granite, wood - beautiful detailing and many thoughtful details. Lot's of space both in and around the house. Surrounded by nature but not isolated from the world. Beautiful lake or mountain view.

A smart house, one planned for ease, comfort and efficiency.

And of course that special large room, multi-use; dance studio, ballroom and everyday use. Not sure how to accomplish making a dance "studio" look like a normal room and still functional as a dance studio, but it'd be fun to try!
It would be in one of those new loft communities. I would have a huge dance studio on the street level, and live above the studio.
I know a studio like this. It is on the corner of a relatively busy street though, so I don't know if it is comfortable as a place to live. On the flip side, the owners have a very short commute ;)


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And of course that special large room, multi-use; dance studio, ballroom and everyday use. Not sure how to accomplish making a dance "studio" look like a normal room and still functional as a dance studio, but it'd be fun to try!
I've been thinking about this, too. Obviously hardwood floors throughout. And people use mirrored walls for all sorts of non-dance applications, so that wouldn't be obtrusive at all. Maybe add a folding room divider or sliding shelving, since a dance floor would have to be big. In between uses, maybe it could be two separate rooms?

Alternatively, something that's really popular here in Texas is a "media room" -- basically a room designed for a home theater. A big, completely enclosed, usually oblong room, that's wired for sound. Sound familiar? The only difference is that most of the media rooms I've seen here have carpeted floors. Hmm. Pondering. I think I feel a trip to Ikea coming on. :lol:


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That is nice, Peach. Very nice.

I grew up in a turn-of-the-twentieth-century house, though, so I always tend to favor houses with that old-fashioned style. Ya know. Big porches with columns in the fronts. I love me some porches, especially if they're big enough for a couple ceiling fans. :lol:


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Anything-goes-lottery-dream-house** or possible?

-Art studio with skylight** and windows.
**Dance studio with floating floor, mirrors and barre.
**Big kitchen with granite counters and cherry cabinets, stainless steel appliances.
-Hardwood floors, beautiful rugs.
**A sit down vanity in dressing room area near huge walk-in closet.
**A spa in the private backyard,
_which also has grass, trees, bbq, flowers, herb garden, porch swing, etc.
_Cathedral ceilings in the living room.
** A library
_attached 2 car garage
_Nice architechture
-Views, of trees, ocean, or some kind of beauty

Now, here's our new townhouse!

Attached 2 car garage with W/D hookups, room to paint
Pretty View
Big patio w/ planting spaces, Italian cypresses, tall fences for privacy
Dual master suites w/ walk-in closets, bath and small patio each
Cathedral ceilings in LR
Decent size kitchen
Ocean breezes, still in my favorite city

Not bad!:D
(And it only took 3+ months of looking every weekend!)


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Or do you already live in your dream home?
Actually, yes -- if not ultimate perfect dream home, it's pretty close.

It's a flat (apartment) in a beutiful historic building -- dates back to the 17th century -- accessed via a grand staircase. It's been completely renovated inside so I have all the modern convenience and comfort I need. The large, high-ceilinged living room has a hardwood floor (you can dance salsa comfortably -- a bit tight for ballroom but I don't dance ballroom :p) and gigantic windows flooding the room with natural light. There's only one bedroom (good size, with two walk-in wardrobes), but there's a gallery level large enough to be divided into my office and a guest bedroom. And it's in a very convenient part of one of the most beutiful cities in the world. Just about everything I need is within walking distance. Including salsa clubs :lol:.

Two things that would make it the ultimate dream home for me would be
1) A fireplace,
2) Outdoor space like a courtyard, or a conservatory,
But apart from those, I've got pretty much everything I wanted :cool:.

I miss having gardens, but one of the reasons I sold my suburban house with gardens to move to a city centre flat was because I physically couldn't look after gardens anymore, so I wouldn't go for a house with a garden now even if I could afford it. And although I know that there are even nicer flats and townhouses in nicer parts of Edinburgh, ours wins hands down for convenience, which is a very important point for me.

I suppose it would be great if Edinburgh had a mediterranean climate, but that's asking too much -- if money was no object, I'd simply buy a second home on a Greek island instead ;).


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Yeah. The deal is that, right now, the media room in my house is nice and empty (but carpeted.) No thirty grand for the theater, at the moment. So why not change the floor (a couple grand, maybe less DIY) and make it a dance studio? It'd be a no brainer, especially if you were looking to use existing floorplans available with many builders and get an in-home dance studio. :cool:

Of course, there's always custom built. Or you could do what Vince did and re-floor your garage.

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