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Mine. Two story Georgian with two one-story wings, to create both a mother-in-law plan and office space for an on-site business. Set in a forest -- doesn't really matter what kind but probably pine, since I already own land in a pine forest. Ceiling fans on an expansive front porch. Lots of stone accented with white columns. Gigantic walk in kitchen with glass appliances and cabinets. Modern amenites with an old-fashioned look. Hardwood floor throughout. Fireplace big enough to walk into in the downstairs family room. Fireplace upstairs in the master bedroom. Dance floor/roll back rugs and mirrors in the media room. Fenced in/landscaped pool in the back that looks like a naturally occurring lake surrounded by vegetation. No master dining room (we entertain by the pool.) Instead a music room, complete with a grand piano and competely wired for sound.

And more ...

*contented sigh*



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At the top of a very tall building in a city, with lots of windows and a pretty view. Hardwood floors, high ceilings, really nice kitchen and bathroom with a jacuzzi tub and sauna. Very comfy sofas and cool art on the walls. Hmm what else.


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Lots of trees around, but in a field. I need my light and my sun. On a small rise. It's on a small rise, so that you drive up and walk in on ground level, but the basement is a walk-out. Accessible by a long, wooded, private drive. I don't want to see neighbors at all, ever...but I don't want to be more than an hour away from DC and friends.

Shockingly, in MD. Not sure if I'd want it to be roughly where I am now (western-central MD) or southern MD.

Stone. Smaller than what we have now (2400-2500 sq.ft.), but not super-small.

Center hallway. Guest room/office on the left, through pocket doors. Formal dining room on the right, also through pocket doors.

The hallway opens up into the kitchen area. Actually, the kitchen is on the right (behind the dining room, which would have french doors that open up to allow easy access to the kitchen), with a large island, and then an open area with a couch and coffee table on the other side of the island, right at the end of the hallway. Behind the coffee table, straight back from the front door and the hall, is a big stone fireplace, that opens onto the other side.

The kitchen (against the right wall of the house, open through french doors to dining room, with an island to the sitting area) would be open between the fireplace and the right-side wall. It would open into a glassed-in conservatory. The right wall would be glass, the back wall would be glass, and so would the ceiling. The fireplace (behind you and to the right as you walk into the room) would open into this room as well. From the wall of the fireplace, continuing on the (now back) wall, and continuing around to the left wall, there would be built-in bookshelves. This is the room where we'd have comfy chairs around the fireplace and the piano.

The left wall is actually an open staircase, going up to the master suite. Go up the stairs, and the master suite is all open. It's the only thing on the top floor. There is only a half wall along the back side, so it looks down over the conservatory; the fireplace chimney goes up through the middle of this wall.

The bathroom is nice, but not too big. It connects to a small laundry room, which also connects to the master closet. This is so that someone getting ready in the morning can do so without ever letting light spill into the bedroom where someone else is sleeping. And it means not having to schlepp laundry downstairs. The room is just big and open (it would take up the same floorspace as the guest room, dining room and kitchen altogether).

Let's go back downstairs for a moment...

If you come in the center hall, go back to the sitting area and turn left, there is a short hallway which leads out to the garage. No steps down; I have my reasons. Off the left of the hallway is a door to a small full bath, which also opens back into the guest room. The bathroom is handicapped accessible. (Also, all hallways and doors are handicapped accessible.)

Off the right of this hallway to the garage is a stairwell to the basement. It's a finished basement, with its own washer and dryer, full bath, and small efficiency kitchen. It has its own entrance. It can function as a separate apartment, if need be. The back wall is all floor-to-ceiling windows, to let in as much light as possible. (It is a basement, after all.) It's painted all white, or an extremely pale blue, to make it seem as light and airy as possible.

Outside, there's just a beautiful stone patio, matching with the rest of the house. I'm not sure exactly where it is. Maybe off the conservatory somehow? Perfect for relaxing or entertaining.

I'm not sure what the orientation of the house is. Ideally, I'd like it to have lots of solar panels, but I also want to get sun and shade as necessary. I'll have to think on that a bit more.


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I would love to live in a castle.

Green hills/dales for miles around, moat, drawbridge...

A big open courtyard.... big fireplace and one of those huge dining room tables to fit about 100 people round.... candles.... four poster bed with satin sheets and the finest luxury pillows to sink into... huge paintings on the walls showing performing arts.... stained glass windows.... big larder with the finest chocolate fudge cakes.... pickled onions with cheese in the fridge.... strawberry plantation ...

a fair maiden looking out of the tower window waiting for me to return from the river where I've just caught tonights supper.... and the odd strawberry....

that would be lush. Then I get the mortgage bill in the post and it finishes me off :(


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hahah pyg, no plans on getting married any time soon, but gf is one who brought up idea of a treehouse, and she really likes that one too. :)
hahah pyg, no plans on getting married any time soon, but gf is one who brought up idea of a treehouse, and she really likes that one too. :)
GF? Etp has a GF? When did this happen and how did I miss it? *smacks self*

Anyway, a belated way-to-go, etp!!!! :cool::banana::cheers::applause:


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That's why it's the drem home thread. *grin* If you're gonna dream, dream big. :cool:

Love your house, btw.

Looking for pix of mine. Visualization helps.


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House in Hawaii. Not too big, not too small. Spacious. High ceilings. No stairs.
View of the ocean. Big back yard with fruit trees and flowers.
Sun in the morning and stars at night. Aahhh.


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  • Front porch (with ceiling fans, a couple rockers and a porch swing)
  • Screened in back porch (also with ceiling fans, and shutters so it will be safe from storms)
  • A room I can turn into a miniature dance studio
  • A bedroom/bath on the first floor for someday when my little sis will probably be moving in with us
  • A master bed/bath in addition to that bed/bath for my sister, with a gigantic closet
  • A room for a home office
  • A room for all the workout equipment we have
  • A room for the cats with some cat climbing trees and their litterboxes (with the door fenced off to keep the dogs from getting to the catbox crunchies)
  • And I'd like a sewing room, but I'm thinking that could be combined with something elsewhere
  • 3 car garage (so my husband and I can park both of our cars and we'll have room for a ramp van for little sis)
  • Everything as wheelchair accessible as possible (although rooms my sister won't need to get into can be upstairs if necessary, and if I need an elevator, then hey, we're talking dream home right? Not just my realistic plans for the LAST HOUSE I WILL EVER LIVE IN.)
  • Husband wants a woodworking shop, and he wants a bathroom with a black toilet that has the flusher as a button on top of the tank, which is crazy but he's wanted it ever since he saw one at Home Depot, and who am I to deny him of his dreams. I'm thinking that can be in the workout room.)
  • I really like shaker shingles, and brick where the mortar squishes out between the bricks. Not sure what that's called, but there's this house I drive by a lot that's just so pretty. Don't know how well it work with the porches I want though. Might have to go for more of an old plantation style house to get it all in an attractive package.
  • And out in the country to not have neighbors close by, but close enough for my husband to get to work however many days a week he does so at that point, and for me to get to work about 1 day a week, because most of my work will be done at home
  • It will have a large pool, a small guest house, and a fabulous yard with fresh veggies growing. Pool and yardwork to be of course done by people I've hired. As will the housework. :)
  • And I'm thinking I might like a kennel, so I could house homeless critters until they find a home.

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