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I know my family tree only as far as

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Not looking for details, but just curious how many people know details of their family that go back further than say the grandparents.

Apparently there is going to be a new celebrity show on UK television :doh: to help selected celbs trace their family tree. The news item also said that a surprising number of people have been spending a lot of time and money in tracing their family tree.

I met someone who had records of their family tree going back to the 1400s :shock:


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Actually, to my great-great grandparents, German (him) and Irish (her) immigrants who settled in Lawrence, Kansas, right after it was opened to settlement in 1854. In 1863, he was killed during Quantrill's raid, shot in the heart as he was holding his two-year-old son. The boy was hit in the head by the same bullet and, after the raid, both bodies were laid in the pile of corpses (the raiders' intent was to kill every man in town). Then during the night the guards heard a child crying and found that the "dead" boy was still alive; the bullet had just grazed his skull. That boy was my great grandfather.

So you see, I nearly didn't get to come on-line tonight.

BTW, that one German ancestor was the source of the family name, Wise (he had anglisized his name almost immediately). Beginning with that German's Irish bride, my father's side of the family was almost completely Irish, while my mother's side was completely Scottish. And my ex-wife-to-be is Mexican.


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Oh dear...*sets brains in motion after loooooong years of rest..* ;)

Hmm...The parents of the grandparents of my grandmother, were a German man and a French woman. Something like that...I may be off with which generation it was... In meanwhile all sorts of people have married in...Jewish, Dutch, South American, Asian.. Yeah. That's about it. But truth to be told, only three nationalities are intact. So not as impressive as it sounds :). Something like still having something like 5%, 1% or 00,0005% blood of a certain nationality running through your vains, I personal don't find worth to mention. It practical doesn't exist anymore really, it's basically "bred out" ;).


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hmm I can easily go back to my parents grandparents, other than that I will have to dig out the family tree that I started to create a while back...


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Another interesting topic. I have names and lots of details back to great-grandparents on both sides, with successively fewer details beyond that. And, once you hit slavery days, at least on one side, details get very sketchy indeed.

The funny thing is, on my visits to West Africa, I found that people there regularly know back many hundreds of years. One person in each family is generally assigned to keep the family oral history, and boy, do they! It's quite amazing.


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Family tree is a project I've been meaning to start working on but haven't got around to. I feel I just don't know enough about where I come from. My granddad on my fathers side told me whether the family name came from, and my mum tells me her grandmother's family has a very interesting history, but I haven't had a chance to chase either of them up, and it's a bit more difficult to do any research given my remote location now...

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My sister keeps track of everything....everything. She can trace us back to the Revolutionary war, and just recently even made it back to the Mayflower. She used to run a historical bookstore in Texas and loves digging around for this stuff.
I started working on my genealogy when I was in college. I now have one ancestor identified 10 generations back (counting my father as generation 1). I know his name, but the only date I have for him is a marriage date in the early 1700s.
On my father's side, I'm related to one of the women who was on the wagon train with Brigham Young when they traveled from the East coast to Utah. No, she was not one of his wives.

Also, on my father's side, I'm related to Thomas Jefferson.

On my mother's side, I have a male relative who was friends with Theodore Roosevelt.
My father's family go back to Burton on Trent in England where they are supposed to be linked to the Lord Derby Stanley family - but its probably a myth since there is no direct connection. Our records only go back three generations. My mother's is german jewish and because of the isolation of that community we have records going back about 6 generations - everyone married their cousin it seems which accounts perhaps for my personal charms ;)
My grandmother's been tracing our family for a long time now...she's gotten back to (dunno what year, but pretty far, I guess) some Baron guy in England, I forget the name (yeah, I'm pretty bad with things like that). I was helping her with the research a while back, and found a picture of the "family" castle in Northern pretty...not in use anymore though...
I have done the genealogy work on both my mom and my dad's side. (I think I have a thread posted here somewhere.) But on my dad's side, I can go before 1300. I think 1100 something is where I have ended up. I'll have to look at my records. But on my mom's side (great grandfather that is), it's hard to find anything. I have a lead, but I haven't heard anything since. So, I'm not sure how accurate it is. My great grandmother's genealogy has been done already on my mom's side.


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Personally, I don't know much about our family tree past my great-grandparents on either side. My mom's brother, however, has made tracing the family tree a hobby for the last few years.
I have one side of my family back to about 1632, just after the founding of the Colony of New France. Quebec to be exact.. That's 29 generations on North American soil!!


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My dad was from Frontenac Kansas, so I might be related to Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, the Scarecrow, or the Tinman...maybe one of them ugly flying monkeys. My mom is from Guam...way out on the pacific rim where America's day begins. I think I'm a flying tropical monkey with a goodness :)
I've been able to verify info back into various periods of the 1800's. I got a late Christmas gift one year when I found my g-g-grandfather's Civil War service records. It was like finding the motherload; it led me to all sorts of goodies.

Basically, I'm a mutt.

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