Your Favorite Alcoholic Beverage?

Scotch and coke is my favourite.

Usually drink either that or beer, sometimes white wine. Though I had a really tasty Southern Comfort and lemonade on the weekend. Might add that to the list.
I am usually NOT a drinker, but I do love my cocktails :D !

Mojito, if not too minty (a la toothpaste)
Cowboy Shots......yummmmmm
Long Island Ice Tea
All the sweet/creamy/fruity ones

My regular alcohol drink: Midori + Lemonade

And a NICE Sangria..........mmmmmm

(all these comes from a non-drinking salsera :? :lol: ?)


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whatever gets my date drunkest quickest?

actually i think it's situational:
- football game, chicago in january - hot chocolate w/peppermint schnapps;
- just finished mowing the lawn on a hot summer afternoon - ice cold beer;
- snowing outside, chestnuts roasting in the fireplace - single malt whiskey (sipped in between bites of roasted chestnut OH THAT IS GOOD);
- quiet contemplation on the balcony with S.O. watching the sunset - a complex red wine (maybe a cabernet sauvignon) - but (seriously) with a little bit of chocolate first;


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I'm also a red wine fan -- merlot or cabernet sauvignon. Both have a very high % alcohol content, btw. About 12 - 13%, compared to 6 - 7% for most white wines. Hmm.
I've become more of an Australian shiraz fan recently, but I'll split my wine time evenly between reds and whites as needed.

Beer I can handle at times, but usually prefer the microbrewery stuff. Of course, I couldn't drink beer and dance soon afterwards.

Otherwise, a good old margarita with some good aged tequila is about as crazy on the alcohol as I can go.
Hmm, I never drink...can't remember the last time I did, a year at least. I usually just drink water...well except when I'm not drinking it..heh. :p

Don't forget the ScorpionGuy Boiler though. ;)


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SDsalsaguy said:
Ummm, why alcoholic? :?
Good point, SD. Here are two drinks I think are much better without the alcohol -- screwdrivers ( plain OJ no vodka is MUCH better, IMHO) and strawberry daquiris (MUCH better virgin.) :wink:
My favorite would be a TGI Friday's Mudslide...Sooooooo good!
Second favorite...White Russian.

Shots... Buttery Nipple and various shots including Green Apple Pucker.


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Oh, and I forgot. When in the Caribbean, I drink rum or anything rum-based. Rum punch is a fave.

Oh yeah, and then there's that vanilla flavored rum. Darn, who makes it? Poured over vanilla ice cream and eaten with sliced ripe bananas. Heaven!
pygmalion said:
Oh yeah, and then there's that vanilla flavored rum. Darn, who makes it? Poured over vanilla ice cream and eaten with sliced ripe bananas. Heaven!
Arrgh! How dare you do that to me at lunchtime on a Wednesday. We need a drooling smilie. :D

Temptress Too said:
A long time ago...I don't remember a thing. Why?
Oh, besides being just about my favorite movie, the main character (the Dude played by Jeff Bridges) is kind of a drunk, and his favorite drink is a White Russian which he seems to be drinking constantly throughout the movie. ;)

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