Your Favorite Rumba

Rumba's definitely my favorite dance to watch, out of the latin dances, and I'd like to see them if you know of a really good one that you found on youtube or something. Show dance or not, don't care. Here are a couple of my favorites:
(bad song, but good dancing)
(amazing contrast)
Slavik & Karina have danced several brilliant rumbas and it`s impossible for me to single out a favourite.

Here`s one i like though.

If i was forced to pick just one rumba as a favourite then this would be the one.

Slavik Kryklyvyy & Karina Smirnoff 2004 Rumba.

This dance almost had me in tears when i first saw it.
It`s beautiful beyond words.

I totally agree, Ashybang -- one time I watched Slavik & Karina do their rumba from the 2004 Super Stars and then the 2005 and then went back to the 2004 and back to the 2005 - after doing this several times, I found that the 2004 still had incredible emotional impact, and the 2005 much less - the routines were essentially identical and the song was the same.
Sergey & Melia did a rumba to the Autumn Leaves song, too - there's a thread on it -- they did a great job and Sergey did drop some leaves -- Melia's dress was hideous, but their dancing overcame the negatives of the costume.

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