Your Favorite Tunes for: HUSTLE

Phil Owl

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I'll start with:

Was Not Was: Out Come The Freaks, Tell Me That I'm Dreaming

Hipnotic: Naima

Ananda Project: Big Boat, Tangerine (NOT the old standard)

Salsoul Orchestra: Magic Bird of Fire, Tangerine (the old standard).

Lou Rawls: You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine (works as a Samba too)

Deniece Williams: I Got The Next Dance

Roy Ayers: Sweet Tears

Your turn----------------------
yes Sir I Can Boogie and Sorry I'm A Lady by Bacarra. Don't Cry for me Argentina by Modonna. That would be here up tempo release of the song, not the movie version.


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Usually anything Donna Summers & Madonna.

If you feel like going back to the 70s, Saterday Night Fever is still great.

Phil Owl

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Although I am not a Madonna fan by any stretch, I do find her very sexy reworking of Peggy Lee's "Fever" extremely Hustle-worthy


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I'm a fan of "Golden Years" by David Bowie, if we're talking about classic hustle tunes.

For more modern stuff, I love dancing hustle to the otherwise-AT tune "Emigrante" by Tanghetto.


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KC & The Sunshine Band...Get Down Tonight...I'm Your Boogie Man...(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty...

Donna Summer...Hot Stuff...Bad Girls...

Earth, Wind & Fire...September...Let's Groove...Boogie Wonderland...

The Bee Gees...Stayin' Alive...Night Fever...

The Weather Girls...It's Raining Men...

The Village People...Y.M.C.A....Macho Man

Chic...Le Freak...Good Times...

Gap Band...Early In The Morning...

Lipps Inc....Funkytown...

Anita Ward...Ring My Bell....

Kool & The Gang...Celebration...

Gloria Gaynor...I Will Survive...:rolleyes:
Gibson Brothers- Cuba
Crystal Waters- 100% Pure Love
Deee-Lite- Groove is in the Heart

Bah I can't figure out my play list, all my songs are listed "Hustle 1, Hustle 2..."

I like a lot of them though!

If we're talking 3 count, I love Art of Noise- Dragnet.
Oh disco!!! My fave genre! (...or, one of my faves!)

Let's see.... (I tend to like disco that's more on the funky end, but I like some of the less-funky stuff too....)

Keep that Body Workin' - Kleer

Work that Body - Tanya Gardner

Chic (I think that's name of song?) - Chic

The Beat goes on...the beat goes on and on.... - by ??

Do What you Wanna Do? (....let nobody tell ya what to do...gotta be your judge and the jury too...) - by ???

Lovelite - O'Bryan

Anybody know who sings some of the songs above?

More I just thought of... (can't seem to edit my post above...)

Let's All Chant - Michael Zager Band

Bertha Butt Boogie - Jimmy Castor Bunch (this song is a teeny bit slow though...)

Potential - Jimmy Castor Bunch

Soul Makossa

Hot Shot - Karen Young

Love and Desire

...oh yeah...I too like Niecy Williams' "Next Dance" and Bowie's "Golden Years"!!
I'm horrible with names,

I feel like dancin? or is it you make me feel like dancin?

Some of Abba

Dancing Queen ?
all the Saturday Night Fever songs

Donna Summer

I love hustle, one of my favorite dances.
uh...just reminded of another great one....

Falling in Love by Sybil I think it is?

I'm listening to it now on KISS FM. (Anybody else ever listen to them for their weekend program? It is SLAMMIN' !)
Making It - "I've got the chance...I'm taking more, no more faking it.....this time in life I'm making it....non stop, to the top...."

Great hustle song!!
I'm listening now to "Ain't nothin gonna keep me from you love, nothin gonna keep from you my darlin....I admit it, I'm really a dreamer...."

What I love about disco music is it is just so HAPPY!!!! How I wish I were a few years older, so that I could have experienced disco in its heyday. DAMN, what a party that must have been!!!

Anyway, for those who like classic disco, here's a great online site. When you open the link, page down to Dance (Old School Channels) and then select Disco (Studio 54). They have some great oldies but goodies!
again, on that awesome online radio station, I'm now listening to

Bruni Pagan's "Fantasy"

Dance...don't you let me cool..... down...don't stop, don't stop, get up...down, down, down....!

Where are all my fellow Classic Disco fiends?!

Phil Owl

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Cher - Takin' Back My Heart

George Duke - I Want You For Myself

Elbow Bones & The Racketeer - A Night in New York

MFSB - K-Jee

Narada Michael Walden - Give Your Love A Chance

Phil Owl

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Take To The Sky - Freddie Gorman & Wendy Smith

Spontaneous Affection - Tropical Underground

So In Love - Jill Scott

Jazz Freak - Debby Dobbins
Aside from the 70's / 80's classics, a few of my favorites:
Just Fine - Mary J Blige
Too Funky - George Michael
Brightest Star - Drizabone
R&B Junkie - Janet Jackson
Love Never Felt So Good - Michael Jackson
Ghost Town - Adam Lambert
Want to Want Me - Jason DeRulo

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