Your First Dancing Experience


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So what was your very first experience with any kind of dancing?

Not counting what I was made to do in grade school that being square dancing and some other type of group dance my first time dancing was at a rock and roll night club in Lawton, Oklahoma when I was serving in the Army. I had never danced before and got to thinking that it might be a lot of fun after all. I noticed these other guys asking ladies to dance and figured if they could do it so could I and so I got up and asked this lady for a dance and for the first time in my life hit the dance floor and it was fun! 8)

It wasn't until some five years later that I got into ballroom and swing, but that night at the club doing the free style non-contact stuff was what initially got things started. 8)


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My first dancing was with my older brother and sisters, who were basically grown-ups when I was born. They used to hang out for hours, playing 45's of the latest hits, and just dancing. So I danced along, too. What fun!
The first major attempt at dancing was breakdancing to Michael Jackson and Herbie Hancock when I was about 12. The first partner dancing was when some ladies showed me how to turn them at a New Year's Eve Party. I had my first private lesson on New Year's Day and danced every single day without missing a single day for the next 5 years.

Sometimes that first experience really gets you so much that you are hooked for life. I wish I could rediscover dancing for the first time all over again.


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My best friend showed me Merengue in her room before we went out to a salsa club while I was visiting her in Toronto...where, because of a very jealous boyfriend, she only danced one song with me the entire night. But I also saw a great salsa couple...I don't even remember what they look like, but they sure were fun to watch. When I got back to San Diego I started looking for a place to learn salsa. I wish I could say it was because I was inspired by the dancing but, truth be told, I was in love with her and just wanted to impress her...but more in the "well, if this is what she loves to do, then I'm going to be able to do it with her" kind of way. And it's been snowballing ever since...
What a GREAT topic!

I guess I've been dancing for as long as I can remember. I started out with cheerleading routines in grade school and continued with the same through high school.

I attended a technical college after high school, so there wasn't a cheerleanding squad. I just gave it up, and with it, my only form of dance. Then, in 2000, I saw the movie "Center Stage." I left the theater knowing all I wanted to do was dance.

I called local ballet studios only to be told I was "too old" (20 at the time) and "would never be a professional ballerina." Being professional was not what mattered to me...all I wanted was to dance.

I stumbled upon a small social dance studio and immediately began learning various ballroom, latin and swing dances. At the same time, I came upon a line dance group and started attending regularly.

The following year, the YMCA listed belly dance in their program offerings so I picked that up to. Then in summer, they started offering Irish, so I figured I'd give that a try as well. At the same time, I began taking jazz and tap through our local rec department. I was dancing nearly every day of the week.

I have since dropped back to only belly dance, line, tap, and an occasional Irish lesson. I hope to pick up Irish again this January and am trying to convince my fiance to take social dance lessons for our upcoming wedding. We'll see what happens with that.

In the meantime, I would also LOVE to learn hip hop, breakdance, hula and Indian dances. I guess you could say it's my only pasttime.

Dance is not just a's my passion, obsession and life.

Okay, okay...I know this isn't exactly my first experience but it's how I got started and I figured that was appropriate for this topic. Thanks for letting me share! :wink:


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That's a great account, dancersdreamleand, and who the heck are they to tell you you're too old! Twenty years old, and too old! Please. Okay. Fine, so maybe it's too late to get the lead role in the Nutcracker with a major ballet company, but who says that means you can't dance? Idiots, the lot of them. I'm glad you didn't let them discourage you. :D


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My youngest memory of dancing is being about 7 and dancing to The Blackbyrds 'Rock Creek Park' in our kitchen.

I remember at 19 going to the Zanzibar Club in Newark NJ and falling in love with house music and house dancers. That night was almost spiritual as I at first watched, and then finally braved the dancefloor.

I vividly remember watching a more advanced couple practicing their salsa at the studio I started out at. He was so smooth--she was so elegant. I felt like I was a voyeur spying on their private dance. It was so sensual and intimate. I knew then I wanted to be REALLY good at the dance!
Uhm, I used to get into the tupperware cabinet in my mom's kitchen and dance around with a bowl on my head banging a wooden spoon on everything. No really, I think it was when I got into watching Michael Jackson (I had a big crush *swoon*). I always tried to copy him. Then when I got a bit older, me, my bro and sis and the neighbor kids would put on a talent show (I watched a lot of Star Search haha) and I would always dance (because I can't sing worth a poop). 8)


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Michael Jackson is SO obvious. I had a crush on Jermaine! Now that's a real man. Plus, my sister had dibs on Michael, and I had to pick somebody! :lol:

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