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Okay, am not going to embarass myself by posting a link to my first post, but will admit that the first subject to entice me to register and post was a subject that remains near and dear to my heart....stinky (latin) shoes.
Mine was about under garments if you all remember that thread lol! Hey it was right before my first show, and I didn't know what to wear underneath my dresses lol. Now I know of course, but I had to learn somehow lol! ;)


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checked... mine was in a thread started by Movement about wanting to dance all the dances, and i recounted the same experience when i got started, and how "I was immediately hooked and started main-lining everything I could."


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Venting frustration and desperately seeking help on Argentine tango. Lurked and finally registered on 5/05 as pathological dancer....later changed to FTL.

I am enjoying AT now and D-F is still informative and friendly.


I am fairly certain I was in search of lost osb videos...
For some reason I still remember this post and I think someone offered a copy of the tape. I've never guessed that Fascination would become a prolific poster and moderator.

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