Your ideal dinner (or lunch) party


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Cost no object, what would you serve at your ideal dinner (or lunch) party?

- How many courses
- How would guests be served (sitdown meal, buffet etc)
- How many hours for the whole party :lol: (dancing excluded! I know what you people are like - you will dance till the cows come home, which is why I am excluding it! :lol:)
- What sort of drinks/wine/champagne would you put on
- How many people would you be inviting
- How would you have the catering/waiting staff dress (assuming you could convince them to dress up!)
- What entertainment would you provide (Remember cost/money no problem)
- Anything else you can think of?

It's Christmas/end of year, let your imagination go wild!

One person who won't be labelled a Scrooge this Christmas is Sharon Osbourne.
The X Factor judge and wife of spaced-out rocker Ozzy is splashing out £250,000 on a festive bash for 120 pals.

She has contracted posh caterers Searcy and hired an exclusive Georgian townhouse in Knightsbridge for her lucky guests.

Visitors will be greeted by a 15ft Christmas tree in the entrance hall before they are led upstairs for a drinks reception in the library. Then they will be moved next door to the ballroom for a lavish meal.

Diners, who will include her daughter Kelly, 22, and son Jack, 21, will be waited on hand and foot by staff dressed in penguin suits.

Sharon's guestlist will be treated to a scrumptious menu which features pigeon breast for starters, and a choice of Scottish beef or pheasant for the main course. This will be followed by baked dark chocolate torte and green apple bavarois. Sharon's booze choices are equally appealing. She is buying in 100 bottles of Bollinger champagne and around 200 bottles of wine. But it's not just any old plonk. She has requested Petrus for red wine drinkers and Mursault for fans of white.

"All the guests have been asked to bring a toy along, and at the end of the night all of the toys will be collected together and given to children's charities. "


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Cost no object, rent out the Ritz-Carlton and their entire catering department. Hire Harry Connick, Jr. and his band. No fuss, no muss. :)

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