Your proudest dancing moment?


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Okay I have a moment to share...

I just had to share this compliment that I got because it is the central tenet of my dancing philosophy. This lady who is a wonderful AT tango dancer in my area, taught me the AT basic tonight, and then told me, "You should learn AT as you have a wonderful sensitivity to your partner". When dancing salsa I always try to listen to how my partner is dancing and match her style to make our short salsa trip a smooth one for her. I strongly believe in this idea of leading, communicating, connection, and to have a wonderful dancer say that to me blew me away. Definitely a "proud moment".

Soon after that another person said whenever I dance with you I learn more, even though you don't stop and teach me moves. If I danced with you more I would become a great dancer. :banana: Now this lady is not the kind who can follow fast and fancy moves. She is slower on her feet. I take her nice and easily through a salsa song. I do stuff like CBL, CBL, then CBL with inside turn, then CBL so she is on auto pilot and just goes through the moves without thinking. Then it sinks in what she has done, CBL with inside turn, and she cannot understand how she could do it...

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