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I recently triumphed over a tango problem I've been working through, so I thought I'd share and hopefully get to hear everyone else's recent breakthroughs :)

My triumph: overcoming lower back pain. For a long while now, I've had lower back discomfort while dancing close embrace due to hyper extension (lordosis). There are a variety of reasons I suspect: tight quads and hip flexors, strength imbalance between back and abs, and horrible lower body flexibility. So I bit the bullet and put on hold working on "fun" stuff (new steps, musical timings) and worked form. After talking with some instructors and doing some research (thanks to for inspiration), I worked out a pre-embrace ritual that has finally relieved my back pain, and made my form better.

My ritual:
1) Stand up straight as a board, weight to the balls of the feet
2) Keeping the chest where it is, push my hips back over my feet. This did two things for me: tilted my hips into hyperextension and shifted my weight to the middle of my feet. Make sure my chest doesn't fall during this process.
3) Physically grab hips and rotate them up (make my abs shorter and my lower back longer)
4) Shift weight back to the balls of my feet
5) Embrace!

No more lower back pain! Bonus: I look better dancing and there's tons more room in the feet area!

So what have been your breakthroughs/revelations/current projects?


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I would add to that:
1. Contract upper abdomen muscles a bit
1a. Try to separate your upper body from a lower a bit
1b. Point your energy up with upper body, not forward, that should prevent the lordosis
2. Breath from your belly ;)
3. Be careful follower pulling you, in that case just throw your hip forward for easy stopping
4. Don't forget to feel comfortable in that position ;)
The moment you feel uncomfortable stop :D


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Outdoors summer milonga, a crowded place with a lot of non-dancer passers-by. Dancefloor quite empty, as the milonga just began. I invite someone for a tanda.
Minutes later, an onlooker comes to me and shakes my hand.

Angel HI

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^^ Proof again that the best dancing is that which is just enough to bring joy to someone whom doesn't know dance at all.

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