Your Rock Star Rider

This was a fun activity we did at an all-day meeting last week to break up the day, and everyone seemed to really enjoy it :D

First of all, a rider is a set of requests or demands that a performer makes as criteria for a performance. This consists of a technical rider (different equipment or personnel demands, such as specific amps or a number of security guards) and/or a hospitality rider (usually requests for different food or other personal items). Over the years, various musicians' wacky or downright ridiculous requests have made their riders famous - take, for example, the band Van Halen, who demand that a bowl of M&Ms, with all the brown ones removed, be present at every performance; or Jennifer Lopez, who mandates that her entire dressing room be decorated in white, down to the flowers on her dresser. For more examples of crazy riders, go to

So here's the question: if you were famous and were asked to perform (any kind of, music, theater, etc.) somewhere, what kind of crazy requests would you make??? There is no limit to the craziness...just keep it PG, please ;) So invoke your inner diva (or divo!) and let's hear those ridiculous demands!!!

For your viewing pleasure,
~*The Official HustleNflow Rider*~
- 6 bottles of Tradewinds raspberry iced tea, chilled, with pint glasses and ice
- a pair of Curious George slippers, women's size 7
- a large bottle of Advil (liquigels)
- a parquet dance floor, at least 12'X12'
- 2 (male) massage therapists, on duty from 2 hours prior to performance to 2 hours after performance
- catered meal of McAlister's Meatloaf Parmesan sandwich, pickle, and a side of mashed potatoes (light gravy)
- 20 oz. tub of The Body Shop Mango Body Butter, warmed to 80 degrees F
- 2 whole pomegranates, organic
- platter of assorted organic vegetables (no radishes) and Naturally Fresh blue cheese dressing
- pack of Sharpie markers (assorted colors, at least 10, click variety only)
- 2 Aveda Shampure soy wax candles (with a bendy lighter, NOT MATCHES)
- 1 glass vase with a dozen black calla lillies


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Not to be a killjoy, but everyone who joined DF agreed to abide by what amounts to a PG 13 standard. Posts failing to do so be deleted (at the least).


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what a fun thread idea...lesse....


lilacs, or some equally fab smelling spring flower, a jacuzzi, good coffee, bengay, candles are good ear plugs, lots of bottle water, lots of white zin these days, green olives, fresh fruit...and lots of seafood on the menu...massage therapist on demand is also good...I don't care about what gender they are......oh and a tanning bed if it isn't a sunny location....that's enough for now...but I am going to think about it a whole lot more ;)

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