Your 'signature' emoticon...?

Ah huh! That's the trick! Sabor does have the coolest emoticons, ever! I had fun just to watch the emoticons he used (not to mention the different avatars almost everyday :roll: :lol: )

Thanks to Peach now the secret is revealed! He would of course have never revealed it so that no one could top him! :twisted:
I guess the one I use most is this very simple one :

But it is not nice to create a topic just to steal other people's smileys.

One should always try to get by without piggy-backing on his litle friends.

Besides, if you try to use them now, we can always come back to this particular topic in case we need a proof where the idea comes from : we have proof
My sig emoticon is

The winky sticking-out-tongue. I use it all the time, joking, teasing, happy, etc.

I also like

' : - )
The raised eyebrow smiliey (spaced out so the engine doesn't put a quote in from of a gfx smiliey)


The cartoony smirk

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