Your Top 10 favourite social partners (locally)

I've got too many and I don't know the names of most of them, so I really can't. That's what I get for dancing both ballroom and WCS, and in three states, no less. :lol:
There are some that I love dancing with, but want nothing to do with off the floor (past history). So I don't know if I can include them in the list or not.
Okay, I am going to be brave and answer this question about my favorite leads from my local area. Hmmm, I wonder how much feedback I will get from those on my list and those I might have forgotten to mention. Did you hear that woosh sound? I think that was the sound of caution to the wind. Now this is in no particular order, just names as I think of them.

Carmelo (when he will dance with me)

Kobie H. (my patient and generous dance partner)

Todd D. (for his spontaneous, playful and creative leads)

Mike A. (for his smooth grace and generous spirt)

Darlin G.(because his enthusiasm and excitement are catching)

Joe F. (because he is one of the best leads I know and I love it when I do something he likes and he gets a big smile on his face)

Raul S. (well, what can i say, he is on everyone's favorite list)

Ajay (so much fun, a dear friend and easy to follow)

Victor C. (because he is a fabulous dancer, friend and makes me forget how old I am)

Eli T. (because his energy and expressiveness are off the charts)

Jose (because his dancing is playful and uninhibited)

Adam P. (his salsa, bachata and hustle are top notch)

Andre P. (my first hustle instructor and forever favorite)

Opps, I think I need to stop because I already went way over my limit. There are so many more I'd like to mention though. Philly is rich with talented leads.
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I do sometimes wonder if I'm on any leader's favourites' list yet though...
:? wondering about the exact same thing.............I SOOOOOO wish I'd be able to read minds just enough to glimps at these guys' lists :wink: ...........
Psst... hey ladies... 8)
If we're grinnin' at you when we dance with you... (or if we give you "the look") then you're on "the list"...
I guess that is what many of us - leaders and followers - can do more: compliment our partners on a good dance, move, lead, follow, combo, break-to-the-music, whatever... Hey, they still won't know whether they're on your list :lol: , but it would just give them a bit of a "lift". Especially a good inspiration for intermediates and beginners!

Maybe it should become one of our commandments: thou shalt compliment thy partner on a good dance!
ok, I had to come back and update my list (again, in no particular order):

Belle Uzeche - just started taking classes w/ her and her husband Jose Maldonado. Always gives me a fun challenge on the floor!

Laura Geldys - beautiful performer, lots of fun to dance w/ and gives me lots of inspriation/encouragement

Angela Harris - my "big salsa sister", great follower but even better leader than most guys!

Taniko - my other salsa sister

Maya - knows how to politely correct me when I'm off beat. Thanx for stickin' w/ me girl!



Julianna - only had one dance w/ her but that was more than enough!

Tia - just moved in from out of town and surprised the heck out of me! kept me coming back for more!

Katie - the first lady I ever asked to dance that I didn't know

Ife - seen us both get better over time, soooo easy to lead




Ananna - the most upbeat, down to earth teacher I know




Kameko - my main supporter in my class that I teach at my church; if nobody else is there I can count on her

I know that's more than 10, but who's counting anyway?

El Amor, La Paz, Y SALSA

This is an interesting yet pointless thread (especially considering none of us really know one another or the people we are listing)...yet, flinging concern to the wind...

1. Ishmael
2. Anthony
3. Christian
4. Aaron
5. Jason
6. Andy
7. Barry
8. Lon
9. Jason Rose
10. All the "older" gentlemen at ballroom
I guess I don't really have a regular fav. Mmmm... I do remeber this sexy salsa teacher I danced with in Veracruz, that was good. A few men I met in SF were great- Tony and Humberto. Also a beautiful boy from Alcapulco. I suppose the list goes on... but I think I will give a shout out to all of the sexy men dancers- thank you. :wink: And I am looking forward to dancing with everyone.

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