Youth attacks being recorded on camera phones


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We have something here in the UK called "happy slapping". Does this occur in your part of the world?

"Happy slapping" - don't know where on earth it got its name from!!! - is the videoing of an assault (physical and sexual), generally by teen gangs/youths on mobile/cellphones and that video is then sent around to other youths/teenagers.

There has been a spat of them recently and inevitably, one of the recipients of the video or someone seeing the video, alerts the authorities. Most recently, according to the newspapers, a girl passed out at a party after drinking a lot of alcohol, and the video apparently shows her asault "by a giggling group of males". :shock:

There are two things in this particular situation...

Firstly, the attacks and why it is being done, videoed AND sent around to other phones.

Secondly, and I do not expect many or any of the male youths who read Dance Forums to respond, but I would like you to be aware that taking advantage of any situation where the female who is clearly under the influence of alcohol (or other substance) is behaviour UNBEFITTING OF A GENTLEMAN.

That the girl/female got herself into a situation where she is unable to contain her alcohol is one thing. For a male to then use this to his advantage is inappropriate behaviour. Call me old fashioned, call me whatever you like :wink: this is a value/a conduct of behaviour that my father taught to my brothers and shared with the girl children.

Therefore, I urge you. Please, do not be involved in or participate in any situation like this. If anything, try to see that the young lady is put in a safe environment and try to get others to help you to do so. I mention about involving others because there have been allegations of rape here in the UK, which are then proved to be false. If you are giving a helping hand, I would not like to hear that you are having problems with the police because an onlooker or the girl, on regaining consciousness, accuses you of something, when in fact, your intentions were honourable and you were merely trying to get her into a safe situation.

In life, we have a number of choices. We can either "parttake", do nothing or take the higher ground and try and get someone to safety. Therefore, I urge you, think very carefully, what you would do and STICK TO IT. At the very least, I hope it would be the second or third choice.

That the girl got herself into a situation of drunkiness is one thing and it is for her (and her parents?) to resolve. It is not for you, as a male, to make the situation worse and when found out, have a selfmade situation for your own life and future propects.


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Very sad. I'm a gentleman, a throughblood - blue and blue - through. I cross my heart and... :wink: :) Ok. You get the drift.

I do find that sort of behavior reprehensible! :x


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Yikes!! What in the world is going on? :( I saw a news article about a Brooklyn youth who was murdered for his iPod. But taping attacks is beyond the pale. Sad. And awful. :(


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Snuggles said:
i wonder where they do get the name from... i have heard something like this happen in australia...
Meaning and origin of "happy slapping"

Concern over rise of 'happy slapping' craze,2763,1470214,00.html

I read in papers about some "happy slap" incidents in Glasgow and Edinburgh, including one of random people getting stabbed in the back. This is very worrying. It's horrifying to think that these people are doing this for *entertainment* -- passing funny video clips around friends for a laugh. :shock:

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