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As the person at my dance studio who does all the video editing and uploading to YouTube, I've become painfully aware that, recently, they've started searching for copyrighted music in videos, and, of course, most all dance routines are performed to copyrighted music.

So far, of the 37 videos I've uploaded, four have "content ID matches". Now, what that means exactly depends on who holds the copyright. One video, with the copyright held by WMG, has had the audio disabled, two (copyright held by UMG) have had the video blocked in some countries, and one (copyright held by Razor & Tie) has no such restrictions but there's now an ad alongside it.

I'm mostly just passing this info along FYI.


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Definitely appreciate the info Mike. Curious as to what to do about it, but suspect it depends on the copyright owner. Wonder if any would be alright with something as simple as note in descrip taht gives original copyright info. Doubt it.
Creative Commons Music

I use Creative Commons Music. Although it's time consuming to find the few useable selections for Partner Dancing.

Blong206b on Youtube

Haven't had any issues yet.

Knock wood...

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Wow, very interesting!

Mike I am actually going to move this out to Dancers Anon... since here in the video room it is really for links to videos and I am not sure that a lot of people bother to look in here. More people will see this out there instead.
Wonder if any would be alright with something as simple as note in descrip taht gives original copyright info. Doubt it.
It appears that they're using software that detects the music, because one video was instantly tagged as soon as it was finished uploading, and no human could have screened it that quickly.

Anyway, they also specifically state on an FAQ page: "Giving credit does not give you authorization to upload the content." You'd have to get written consent.

Well, at least I know there shouldn't be a problem with the song for my next routine, because I've become a Facebook friend with the artist who wrote and recorded it back in 1975 and he's looking forward to seeing the video.

coincidentally, I produce music that has no copyright restrictions - we produce rerecords - so it you need a specific title for a showcase etc you can contact me and I can link you to our product.
I've checked the site out, listened to some samples, including a song I'm already considering for another event at the end of the year, and they sound great.

Now I'm really curious to know how much you charge us to use one of your recordings for a routine that would then be uploaded to YouTube.


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