Youtube Playlists

I've used Youtube for a long time, but never did anything other than search for something, or open a link someone else gave me. I was recently asked to recommend a few search terms for aerials on Youtube. I did what I usually did - tried to think of a few names as search terms, and also looked through all the old links I had in emails. I wondered if there was a better way.

If you create an account on Youtube, you can create your own playlists, and make them available as a link. They can contain any videos - not just clips you have uploaded yourself. This feature has been available for years, but I didn't realise it existed. It is also a good excuse to look at some old clips you haven't seen for a while...

You can also search playlists instead of videos - you might find that someone else has already been through all 1400 videos that matched your search, and created a list of the 10 that were worth watching.

As an example, this is an Exhibition/Cabaret playlist I created:

Dance Ads