Yuletide Ball 2008


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1. Janis Kukainis & Yuliya Blagova
2. Joe Huesmann & Stacey Friedman
3. Derek Walker & Jen Vestal
4. Matt Kling & Maria Arsenova
5. John Alston & Krista Stewart

Open Pro Latin:
1. Nikolai Pilipenchuk & Natasha Skorikova (looked great in their pro debut!)
2. Krasi Petkov & Yana Blinova
3. John Leo Don & partner (sorry I don't know her name)

Congratulations to Joe and Stacey!

Congratulations to Nick and Natasha! Good Luck in your Pro Career!


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they aren't FA...but yes, they have been around for quite a while and have enjoyed some success...they will be coaching from time to time out of my former studio...they currently coach out of a few other places...neither competes pro/am


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Oh, I don't expect any good international dancers out of our local FAs, Fasc (noothing personal, HBT< not talking about you at all :D), but still try to hit all the local comps, and pay attention to results of the ones I don't get too. Just means I need to pay more attention to International results. Help talking to NBT and russian pro at our studio too, as they're primarily interested in Intenrational, esp latin.

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