Yulia's California Dreamin' rumba...

...I can't find the video online. Does anyone have a link or know where it was performed so I can purchase the video? (I'm not sure if it was with Max or Riccardo...) Any help would be appreciated. Thanks mucho!
I've seen a lot of Yulia's showdance rumba but I don't recall she's ever danced to "California Dreamin".... Are you sure about the song?
Ya, I'm with you, I don't recall seeing that rumba. It's sort of a cheesy song for a pro show dance, inmo.
Haha... :) Well, it wasn't the Mamas & Papas' version, it was that slowww sultry version... not sure who sings it. Anyway, I've seen it played for intl rumba at comps & maybe when I saw a brief clip of her dancing to it while back I incorrectly thought it was a showcase...

Leon Theou

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It is Jose Feliciano's version. I know I have seen it, I just don't know where. Yulia even has a review that mentions it on her website.
Well, I found the tape of America's Ballroom Challenge. Rumba to California Dreamin' was for the group final portion, not for the show dance. The song is a Spanish strict tempo version that's on a dance CD.

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