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Has anyone ever checked out the Memberlist? It's really interesting how diverse this Forum Family really is. There are people from all over and interested in a nice variety of dance styles.

It's also interesting on the particpation/interaction level (based on posts). It appears some people have been members of the Forum since forever ago and have yet to post. Not that it's a bad thing...just kind of interesting.

Does anyone know if the people who sign up and don't post still read the Forums and visit for updates?



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It appears that at least some check in, get their answer, and never return. I'm guessing this because I sent a couple PM's a month ago to people who never picked them up. :cry:

There must be others, though :?:

Thoughts, anyone?
I don't know the answer dancersdreamland. We try to send a welcome message to new members and that seems to increase the response rate some. I have had a small problem with people joining just so they can link to their site in their profile, but I usually delete those. On the bright side, the number of people who join to the number who post is getting better.


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I wonder if these peopl just don't know the message are there. It is possible to set your profile so that you don't get notified of nwe messages. Maybe they never check? :shock: The mere idea totally boggles my mind, since I check my email religiously. A lot of people don't, though. :shock: :?

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