Zoologies Reviewed!

We got reviewed in The Nashville Scene; yippee! Couldn't find a thread to post on so I started a new one!

Here's Martin Brady's review:

Christine Mather's Zoologies a collection of six original short plays, reveals a writer who's intelligent and also attuned to modern media and current events. Her scenes are set in zoos across the world, usually in the aftermath of tragedy or conflict, and her characters--both human and animal alike--come to life via an absurdist performance style that is both dramatic and whimsical.

Co-directors Marc Mazzone and Ashley Beam have little to work with in the way of budget, but with a few set pieces and minimally effective costumes [sic; he means to say "effective, minimalist costumes"], they lead a focused and imaginative ensemble of eight into interesting theatrical territory that lies somewhere between Waiting for Godot and Saturday Night Live.
He then goes on to describe the various plays and concludes:

Mather's sketches are wonderfully economical, and the cast plays the anthropomorphized pathos and comedy with equal success. Zoologies is an offbeat, 80-minute excursion into the world of animals that ultimately has more to say about the way people treat each other. Which is to say: improvement needed.
Would have been nicer had the preview come out last week--but we're happy with the review anyways!
thanks c-cubedkitty!

i only play one animal--a "Stray" whose nature and identity are undisclosed (because he is "outside" the "fence"). elsewhere i play a hurricane katrina victim waiting to picked up while a sophisticated gator eyes me hungrily, and a dc spy speaking in code to another dc spy outside the eagle enclosure at the national zoo.

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